Free Drumline Warmups & Exercises

Free to use drumline warmups, exercises, cadence and street beats!

This set of free drumline warmups, exercises, cadence and street beats are composed for all skill levels from beginner to advanced, and include audio examples. Download the PDF and use them with your drumline for free, nothing, nada, zilch, etc! Each warmup and exercise builds upon the previous one and are great learning tools to progress through and develop your skills. They’re also great workouts for both the hands as well as the mind to build physical chops and also mental chops too! Be sure to check out the various skill levels for great variations.

Below is each warmup, exercise, cadence / street beat divided into three separate skill levels which lets you find the right amount of difficulty for the application you need. Also included is an on-field warmup to prepare you for the show, and a warmdown that slowly loosens your muscles at the end of a long day.

Some of the warmups are compatible with the pit warmups as well (as noted below). If you’re short on time at rehearsal and need to warm up the entire percussion ensemble at the same time you have the tools to do so here at your disposal!

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Download Drumline Warmups Below!


Get these warmups with the Drumline & Pit Information Packet!

The Drumline & Pit Information Packet includes all the warmups, exercises, cadence and street beat below as well as the on-field warmup and warmdown. In addition there is a long explanation of everything you’d want to know before joining a drumline, from overarching ideals to techniques! You can pay what you want for the digital Drumline Information Packet or you can purchase a physical copy at many online retailers! (Don’t worry pit percussionists, this also includes all of the pit warmups, exercises, and songs too!) Use this with your ensemble!


To hear or download an audio file of each warmup / exercise click the ♫ symbol next to the title.

Or download all the sheet music and audio examples at once here.


These warmups and exercises are also featured on the iOS Diddles app! Check it out!


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If you’re new to teaching a drumline you can use all of this material at no additional cost with your group! The work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

For new instructors, this packet pairs perfectly with The Field Percussion User Manual!



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