Drumline Information Packet

Drumline information packet for practice or instruction. Full of warmups, exercises, cadences and street beats for snare, tenor, and bass drums.

This drumline information and instruction packet contains setup information for the introduction into drumline at various levels from beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Step by step coverage of various information that will allow prospective members gain a similar understanding while approaching the drumline from the outside.

This drumline information packet is available for you by paying whatever you want! The drumline information packet contains general guidelines and all warmups for various skill levels for three sections of the battery including snare, tenor, and bass drums. The packet is 65 pages of information, warmups, exercises, cadences and street beats (including an on-field warmup and a warmdown).


Drumline Information Packet

Drumline Information Packet


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Creative Commons License

Creative Commons

If you’re new to teaching a drumline you can use all of this material at no additional cost with your group! The work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. This packet can easily supplement The Field Percussion User Manual.


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