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Marching percussion is a wonderful facet of the drumming world! Performing in unison with several other members creates very fun and interesting situations across multiple captions. If you’re just starting out in a drumline, or are a seasoned staff member, you can find several helpful drum books, free drumline music, free pit music, and other pieces of information as well as useful tools in the following sections. If you’re in need of some experience in these areas please contact me!

Drumline warmup pre-built packet


This packet contains information and sheet music for any drumline or pit at various skill levels. Step-by-step guides will allow prospective members to gain a similar understanding within the group. This pre-built warmup packet of drumline music and pit music can be used by anyone, and for any drumline, through the creative commons license! 84 ability-level driven exercises are included for a full range of applications. Pay whatever you want for this great percussion instruction tool!

Pre-built Instruction & Warmup Packet!

Free Drumline Warmups and Exercises


The free drumline music, warmups, and exercises are composed for all skill levels, from beginner to advanced, and include audio examples. Each drumline warmup builds upon the previous one and many of them can be played in unison with the pit for a full ensemble warmup session that saves time and focuses efforts! Download and use the drumline music with your group for free, or pay whatever you want for the full pre-built drumline warmup packet!

Free drumline warmups!
Check out the pre-built warmups!

Free Pit warmups and front ensemble exercises


The free pit music,  warmups, and exercises are composed for all skill levels, from beginner to advanced, and include audio examples. Each pit exercise builds upon the previous one and many of them can be played in unison with the drumline for a full ensemble warmup session that saves time and focuses efforts! Download and use the pit music in your ensemble for free, or pay whatever you want for the full pre-built pit warmup packet!

Check out the free pit warmups!
Check out thepre-built warmups!

Marching percussion private lessons and drumline lessons


Everyone learns differently, get one-on-one lessons that are tailored to you with a professional percussionist who truly cares. From beginner to advanced you’ll progress through several books and learning material in well-organized weekly, or bi-weekly sessions. With three marching drum setups in the studio, and mallet percussion as well, you’ll immediately hear and watch demonstrated examples throughout the rehearsal.

Drum set lessons are also available with multiple drum sets in the studio as well! If you’re just starting out and want to break through the coordination barrier, or you’re a seasoned drummer looking for some polish or new style, feel free to come by for a lesson or practice time with no obligation. A couple sessions might be all you need! So set yourself up for success with the best tools available for private lessons!

Learn more about lessons!

Marching band music judge notebook


Judging Music Notes is a simple notebook designed for marching band and drum corps music adjudicators. This 100-page large-format 8.27″x11.69″ notebook comes pre-built with quick music reference topics which help save time writing show notes and also includes some general discussion questions to help dive in a bit deeper at critique. Of course, there is plenty of blank space for your specific notes and discussion topics as well, so fill up each page with your thoughts and get the most out of your time while judging music! (And don’t forget to print your caption sheet to use as a bookmark!)

This judging notebook comes with 100 pages of note space and references which means it’ll last a while! With one page per band, most judges will find that a single notepad will last at least one season, if not more!

Check out this handy notebook!

Drumline music composition for marching band and indoor percussion



Let’s make your drumline come to life! Percussion composition is available and accommodating to the specific needs of you and your drumline. We can discuss difficulty levels and design elements to make sure the composition meets the needs of your show too.

See more about composition!Free drumline warmups

Winterguard music editing and WGI soundtrack audio editing


For winterguards or dance ensembles that have show ideas and music ready and need to compile the song into a single track or trim to specific lengths. We can work together to make that happen and much more! Audio edits can also be made for any other purpose!

Learn more about audio editing!

Marching Band and Drum Corps Sound Delay Calculator

Marching Sound Delay Calculator

Calculate the sound delay from any coordinate on the football field and convert it into beats-per-minute! You can quantify the delay and use this tool as a resource to demonstrate the significant delay on the field. Use this calculator to graph equivalent delays across the field and design your next show with much better information than ever before! This is a game changer!

Check out the calculator here!

Marching Band and Indoor Drumline Concept and Show Design


If you’re looking for show ideas, themes, or smaller design elements we can work together to give your show more potential! Full shows designs are available for purchase for those interested.

View the show designs!
Design consultation available!

Marching band drill design and indoor drumline drill writing


Percussion drill is some of the most difficult to write. Many designers neglect the drumline and leave them in an arc in the back. Here you’ll find percussion-oriented drill that incorporates them into the full group and utilizes their full potential!

See more about drill writing!
Visual consultation available!

Percussion articles and drumline music posts



Even more percussion material, updated regularly, for percussionists and drum knowledge seekers. These articles focus on some very specific and niche information as well as broad ideas or expansions from various topics and areas of interest. There’s even more free drumline music in here! Sign up for email notifications for posts, or even request a specific article too!

Check out the Percussive Articles!

Make sure to check out the other main pages for Drum Books and also for Drumset with several areas of interest in both places! Content is being added and updated regularly, so come back soon to visit these pages again, especially for Articles, Full Shows, many music books, and warmups of every difficulty level for drumline, pit, and drumset!

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