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Here you’ll find some of the best drum books for marching percussion online! Drumline books, drum eBooks, marching band books, books about drumming, and drum novels. You’ll also find free drumline music, free pit music, free drumset music, and several articles designed for percussionists of every style. These books about drumming are written for the student and instructor alike, but are also designed for other members of the band staff as well as outsiders interacting with the percussion sections within their band too. Below are the drum books, and drumline books as well as the free music compositions, and percussion articles designed for percussionists of every style. Whether you’re a music student trying to learn more, a drum tech just starting out, a veteran of marching and teaching drumline, or a seasoned music instructor, you’ll find something for yourself in these books about drumming. The reach of these marching band books also goes well beyond percussion and invites drill writers, non-percussive staff, and even band directors to learn something about their percussion section. Sign up for email notifications and you will be entered into a free book giveaway where you could win one of the books below!


This packet contains information and sheet music for any drumline or pit at various skill levels. Step-by-step guides will allow prospective members to gain a similar understanding within the group. This pre-built warmup packet of drumline music and pit music can be used by anyone, and for any drumline, through the creative commons license! 84 ability-level driven exercises are included for a full range of applications. Pay whatever you want for this great percussion instruction tool!

Pre-built Instruction & Warmup Packet!


Drumming Sight Reading Assessment Booklet Cover


This handy free drumming sight reading assessment booklet will help teachers and parents evaluate their percussionist’s ability level in order to provide an appropriate starting point for lessons, or choosing a solo. This booklet will also assist in the audition process when choosing a performer’s placement in your ensemble. The drum sight reading booklet is 14 pages and includes 6 sight reading passages for each level 1-6. The booklet also includes levels “6+1” and “6+2” which are geared toward the most advanced percussionists in order to provide assessments beyond the standard 6 levels. This means there are a total of 48 sight reading assessments in this booklet that can all be downloaded for free!

Snare Drum Sight Reading!
Drumset Sight Reading!

Drummond marching band novel cover


Drummond is a marching band novel by Patrick R. F. Blakley that’s a much more in-depth and developed version of the Drummy Drum children’s book story. Drummy Drum Joins Marchy Band is the preceding marching band children’s book, audiobook, and children’s activity book. Drummond is a similar story, based on the same events, but is written for an older audience. The events of the book center around the main character, Drummond, who is convinced to try marching band and gets hooked! If you know a young adult or are young at heart, you will enjoy this musical story – even if you’re not a marching band expert.

Check out the Drummond novel!
eBook also available!

Drummy Drum marching band children's book cover


Drummy Drum decides to join the marchy band but can’t pick which instrument to play. He tries all sorts of different instruments and can’t find the one that fits him best. Then he finally finds out about drums, he tries drums and he loves them! This marching band book and children’s book about drumming is about being yourself and fitting in. The drum book is filled with fun sounds and will entertain all ages! Whether you’re reading to your kids or grandchildren, teaching a class, or know a parent that just loves marching band, this little book is just right!

Check out the paperback!
Check out the audiobook!
Coloring book available!

Drummy Drum Marching Band Children's Book Activities!


The coloring marching band book and activities accompany the Drummy Drum Joins Marchy Band story. If you are a teacher and would like to share this drum book with your class be sure to check out the coloring book, and then download the free classroom activities to extend the lesson, including a word search, crossword puzzle, parade song, board game maker, and more! And don’t forget to check out the audiobook to aid in a group reading session in the classroom too!

Check out the coloring book!
Check out the paperback!
Check out the audiobook!

Quadratics drumline book tenor drum instructional book


Quadratics: The tenor drum equation is a drumline book specifically for marching tenor drums. Each one of these six drums gets a lot of attention throughout this drum book. Anyone looking to further their understanding of this instrument will appreciate the subtleties that this book about drumming uncovers. From polishing drum technique to clever movement around the drums and plenty of drumline warmups, exercises, and solos! From the composer to the performer, and everywhere in between, this is a great guide! If the drum staff needs specific answers, they’re in this drumline book! If the director or drill writer needs solutions, they’re in this drumline book! You want specifics? Here they are! Explore the quads with Quadratics!

Check out Quadratics!

The Field Percussion User Manual Drumline Book


Now that you’ve unboxed your marching percussion section it’s time to learn how it works! New band directors, unfamiliar staff, and even the performers themselves can all walk away having learned something from this drumline book. The text will answer questions that you didn’t know you had and goes into great detail explaining the complexities of the percussion section and the properties of their sound. If you have questions about the drumline or pit, the answers are in this drum book! This truly is the essential user’s manual for marching percussion. Don’t go to marching band rehearsal without it!

Check out the User Manual!
eBook also available!

Marching band music judge notebook


Judging Music Notes is a simple notebook designed for marching band and drum corps music adjudicators. This 113-page large-format 8.27″x11.69″ notebook comes pre-built with quick music reference topics which help save time writing show notes and also includes some general discussion questions to help dive in a bit deeper at critique. Of course, there is plenty of blank space for your specific notes and discussion topics as well, so fill up each page with your thoughts and get the most out of your time while judging music! (And don’t forget to print your caption sheet to use as a bookmark!)

This judging notebook comes with well over 100 pages of actual note space and references which means it’ll last a while! With one page per band, most judges will find that a single notepad will last at least one season, if not more!

Check out this handy notebook!

Non-music books by Patrick R. F. Blakley


Patrick has written several non-music-related books that are also available online or in person. These books primarily include a 208-page cookbook* that uses just a toaster for each recipe called Cooking* With A Two Slot Toaster, and a 110-page essay detailing Terre Hill in Woodard, NY. Other minor publications include a 112-page paper discussing religion ideologies as a whole called Questions I Have For You, and a 56-page paper that disects the Narodna Odbrana terrorist faction of the Balkans.

Each of these books are available on Amazon.com or in person!

Check out the Cookbook*
Check out the Terre Hill paper!

Free Drumline Warmups and Exercises


The free drumline music, warmups, and exercises are composed for all skill levels, from beginner to advanced, and include audio examples. Each drumline warmup builds upon the previous one and many of them can be played in unison with the pit for a full ensemble warmup session that saves time and focuses efforts! Download and use the drumline music with your group for free, or pay whatever you want for the full pre-built drumline warmup packet!

Free drumline warmups!
Check out the pre-built packet!

Free Pit Warmups and Front Ensemble Exercises


The free pit music,  warmups, and exercises are composed for all skill levels, from beginner to advanced, and include audio examples. Each pit exercise builds upon the previous one and many of them can be played in unison with the drumline for a full ensemble warmup session that saves time and focuses efforts! Download and use the pit music in your ensemble for free, or pay whatever you want for the full pre-built pit warmup packet!

Check out the free pit warmups!
Check out the pre-built packet!

Free drumset exercises and warmups


The free drumset music, warmups, and exercises are composed for all skill levels, from beginner to advanced, and include audio examples for reference. Don’t forget one of the most important parts of your practice session, the warmup and exercise portion! These structured drum set exercises will help build your fundamentals and establish a routine in the practice room. Download and use the drum set music and warmups for free!

Check out the free drumset warmups!

Drumline articles and marching band information



Even more percussion material, updated regularly, for percussionists and drum knowledge seekers. These articles focus on some very specific and niche information as well as broad ideas or expansions from various topics and areas of interest. There’s even more free drumline music in here! Sign up for email notifications for posts, or even request a specific article too!

Check out the Percussive Articles!

Make sure to check out the other main pages for Marching and also for Drumset with several areas of interest in both places! Content is being added and updated regularly and free drumline music is always being added, so come back soon to visit these pages again, especially for Articles, Full Shows, many music books, and warmups of every difficulty level for drumline, pit, and drumset!

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