Free Drumset Warmups & Exercises

Free to use drum set warmups and exercises that help build chops!

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This set of free drumset warmups and exercises are composed for all skill levels, from beginner to advanced, and include audio examples. Download and use them in your warmup routine at no charge, complimentary, on the house, as a gift, etc!  Each exercise builds upon the previous one and are great learning tools. They’re great workouts for the hands and feet as well as the mind. Be sure to check out the various skill levels.

Below is each exercise divided into three separate skill levels which lets you find the right amount of difficulty for the application. Also included is a warmdown. When you’re done warming up feel free to check out some drumless tracks in the Drumless Playlist! Play along with your favorite tracks without having the play overtop of the pre-recorded drums!


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To hear or download an audio file of each exercise click the ♫ symbol next to the title.

Or download all the sheet music and audio examples at once here.



Below are some great tracks to continue your warmup session, use them for a more realistic way to warm up!

(Drumset Warmup Playlist on Spotify)


Drumset Warmup Music

Now that you’ve gone through the sheet music warmups it would be a good idea to do some practical real-world music related warmups! On the right is an entire playlist dedicated to drumless warmup tunes. Crank the volume and get ready to lay down some drums to these hand-picked tracks that will help you warm up in many styles. The playlist is constantly being updated so check back often for a fresh musical warmup routine!

Once you’re warmed up go check out the Drumless Tracks Playlist to drum along to your favorite tunes without having to play overtop of the pre-recorded drum track!


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