Free Pit Warmups & Exercises

Free to use pit warmups and exercises to download and use with your group!

Pit and front ensemble warmups and exercises
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This set of free pit warmups and exercises are composed for all skill levels, from beginner to advanced, and include audio examples. Download the PDF and use them in your ensemble at no cost, for nothing, gratis, etc!  Each warmup and exercise builds upon the previous one and are great learning tools. They’re great workouts for the hands and feet as well as the mind. Be sure to check out the various skill levels.

Below is each exercise divided into three separate skill levels which lets you find the right amount of difficulty for the application. Also included is a warmdown.

Some of these warmups are compatible with the drumline version as well (as noted below). If you’re short on time at rehearsal feel free to warm up the entire percussion ensemble at the same time with a couple basic exercises!


To hear or download an audio file of each exercise click the ♫ symbol next to the title.

Or download all the sheet music and audio examples at once here.



(Compatible with drumline Eighths)

Stock Eighths 


Scales Hall:

Beginner Scales

Intermediate Scales

Advanced Scales


Scales Hell:

Scales Hell


Diapason (Octaves):

Beginner Octaves

Intermediate Octaves

Advanced Octaves


New Heights (Accents):

(Compatible with drumline New Heights)

Beginner Heights

Intermediate Heights

Advanced Heights



Beginner Longétude

Intermediate Longétude

Advanced Longétude


L’Attitude (Chromatics):

Beginner Chromatics 

Intermediate Chromatics 

Advanced Chromatics 


Flåm Norway (Flams):

(Compatible with drumline Flåm Norway)

Intermediate Flams 

Advanced Flams 


Steven Deadly Sins (Four Mallets):

Intermediate Four Mallets

Advanced Four Mallets



(Compatible with drumline Sixteenths)


*Front Ensemble Warmup & Exercise Songs:

The following are short warmup/exercise tunes to emphasize miscellaneous minor techniques or different styles of play. These small productions are meant to create a more realistic environment in which to perform while still warming up the front ensemble. Enjoy!

Special thanks to Chris Blakley and David Maxim Micic for giving me permission to arrange their tunes! 


Creative Commons License

Creative Commons

If you’re new to teaching a drumline you can use all of this material for free with your group!* The work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. This packet can easily supplement The Field Percussion User Manual.


*: The warmup/exercise songs may be used for free as warmups or exercises, but may not be used as productions as part of a show or paid performance. For paid show and performance productions please contact the composer for the proper permissions at the URL listed at the bottom of each PDF file. Thank you!


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