270+ Page Pre-Built Drumline Music Packet

Drumline & Pit Instruction Packet for Practicing or Teaching

Warmups, exercises, cadences, and street beats for snare, tenor, bass, and pit!

The most comprehensive pit and drumline music packet on the web! Best of all, you can pay whatever you want to get it instantly!

🔔 Patrick R. F. Blakley is DrumPacket.com This fully-loaded drumline music and instruction packet contains all the instructional information and music needed for a warmup routine or the introduction to marching percussion (now including all pit exercises). The packet is utilized by over 110 school districts in 34 states across the US, plus several colleges and symphony orchestras! It spans all skill levels from elementary, beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Beyond just drumline music, the packet also includes drumline and pit techniques with helpful guides throughout the entire book! Step-by-step coverage allows your performers to have a uniform mindset while approaching their instruments from any ability level. Instructors, use this packet and its warmups with your school’s drumline or front ensemble to improve ensemble cohesiveness. Develop good habits and enhance drumline and pit performance at competitions or marching band shows!

This pit and drumline music packet is available for you by paying whatever you want! The packet contains general guidelines and all warmups for three sections of the battery (snare, tenor, and bass drums) as well as the front ensemble. The drum packet was recently expanded to 270+ pages of information, warmups, exercises, songs, music, cadences, and street beats – including an on-field warmup and a warmdown! This packet also includes music and outlines influenced by pit and drumline history as well as modern drumming! The pit and drumline music packet also comes with in-depth write-ups that expand on the free percussion music and warmups offered on this website, this bonus information is exclusive to the packet and can’t be found anywhere else! This pit and drumline music resource is all yours by paying any amount you want!

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Pit & Drumline Music Pre-Built 270+ Page Warmup Packet

Drumline warmup packet drum book!

Digital Drumline & Pit Warmup Packet

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Use these drumline and pit warmups with your ensemble today!


This pre-built pit and drumline warmup packet will provide a structured and consistent routine for your drummers to follow during warmup sessions and while practicing at home. It saves time and effort by providing a selection of carefully designed and tested exercises, allowing your drummers to focus on their playing and execution in a focused and meaningful way. A good pit and drumline music packet includes a variety of exercises that challenge drummers in different ways, this music packet provides variety in its content as well as different skill levels which helps to improve specific areas of playing at any level! Technique, coordination, endurance, rudiments, and musicality are just a few elements of focus in this pre-built drum warmup packet. Additionally, this packet helps to keep warmups interesting and engaging for both drumline and pit simultaneously, providing structure and direction to the overall percussion ensemble rehearsal!

☑️ Included in this Packet:

  • View the Technique Contents (Pages 1-46)

    The packet establishes a consistent technique and explains the ideal approach to each of the exercises:

    Hand Technique Overview

    Body Posture Overview

    Playing Zones & Stick Heights Defined

    Useful American Sign Language Signs

    Warmup Music Overview

    Detailed Set Position Description

    Detailed Exercise-Specific Notes

    Miscellaneous Descriptions & Notes

  • View the Drumline Contents (Pages 47-173)

    A massive collection of drumline warmups for all skill levels! Many are also compatible with the same pit warmups.

    Drumline Elementary Exercises & Notes

    (Eighths, 16ths, Paradiddles, Rolls)

    Drumline Stock Eighths

    Snare Eighths Variations

    Tenor Eighths Variations

    (Beginner) Tenor Crossover Symmetry

    (Intermediate) Tenor Crossover Asymmetry

    (Advanced) Tenor Crossover B Symmetry

    (Chaos version) Tenor Crossover C SymmemmyS

    Bass Eighths Variations

    Drumline Moving Eighths

    Drumline Exhibit B Variation

    Drumline T Minus 8

    Drumline Exhibit A

    Drumline Exhibit B

    PACKET EXCLUSIVE: Drumline Beginner Off Blast

    PACKET EXCLUSIVE: Drumline Intermediate Off Blast

    PACKET EXCLUSIVE: Drumline Advanced Off Blast

    PACKET EXCLUSIVE: Drumline Off Blast Bucks

    Drumline Beginner Placement Control

    Drumline Intermediate Placement Control

    Drumline Advanced Placement Control

    Drumline Beginner Heights

    Drumline Intermediate Heights

    Drumline Advanced Heights

    Drumline Heights Tag

    Drumline Heights (Flam On One)

    Drumline Beginner Multiples

    Drumline Intermediate Multiples

    Drumline Advanced Multiples

    Drumline Beginner Paradiddles

    Drumline Intermediate Paradiddles

    Drumline Advanced Paradiddles

    Drumline Paradiddles Tag

    Drumline Beginner Rolls

    Drumline Intermediate Rolls

    Drumline Advanced Rolls

    Drumline Advanced Rolls (Alternate)

    Tenor Roll Patterns

    Drumline Beginner Flams

    Drumline Intermediate Flams

    Drumline Advanced Flams

    Drumline Intermediate Hybrid Warmup

    Drumline Advanced Hybrid Warmup

    Drumline Big Eighths

    Drumline Slow Fast

    Drumline Small Fadoy

    Drumline Toast

    Drumline The Last Word

    Drumline Sixteenths

    Drumline Beginner Yellow Lines Cadence

    Drumline Intermediate Yellow Lines Cadence

    Drumline Advanced Yellow Lines Cadence

    Drumline Beginner Escape Goat Cadence

    Drumline Intermediate Escape Goat Cadence

    Drumline Advanced Escape Goat Cadence

    Drumline Beginner Pretzel Coat Cadence

    Drumline Intermediate Pretzel Coat Cadence

    Drumline Advanced Pretzel Coat Cadence

    Drumline Beginner Osciller Cadence

    Drumline Intermediate Osciller Cadence

    Drumline Advanced Osciller Cadence

  • View the Pit Contents (Pages 174-272)

    A concise list of pit and front ensemble warmups complete with multiple percussion ensemble songs!

    Pit Stock Eighths

    Pit Beginner Scales

    Pit Intermediate Scales

    Pit Advanced Scales

    Pit Scales Hell

    Pit Beginner Octaves

    Pit Intermediate Octaves

    Pit Advanced Octaves

    Pit Beginner Heights

    Pit Intermediate Heights

    Pit Advanced Heights

    Pit Beginner Longétude

    Pit Intermediate Longétude

    Pit Advanced Longétude

    Pit Beginner Chromatics

    Pit Intermediate Chromatics

    Pit Advanced Chromatics

    Pit Intermediate Flams

    Pit Advanced Flams

    Pit Intermediate Four Mallets

    Pit Advanced Four Mallets

    Pit Sixteenths

    *Canpakes Pit Song

    *Molecular Astronomy Pit Song

    *Real Strong Wizard Pit Song

    *Remarkably Mad Mollusks Pit Song

    *Universe In A Crayon Pit Song

    *Proshchay Pit Song

  • View the Combined Drumline & Pit Exercises (Unison Percussion Warmups)

    The following exercises can be played together with the full percussion ensemble for an efficient warmup session that maximizes your time!

    Drumline & Pit Stock Eighths

    All Eighths Variations

    Drumline & Pit Beginner New Heights

    Drumline & Pit Intermediate New Heights

    Drumline & Pit Advanced New Heights

    Drumline & Pit Intermediate Flåm Norway

    Drumline & Pit Advanced Flåm Norway

    Drumline & Pit Sixteenths

Drumline Warmups Packet with Bass Drum

The drumline warmup packet can be used with your ensembles at no additional cost!

If you teach a drumline or pit you can use all of this pit and drumline music at no additional cost with your group! The work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

For instructors, this packet pairs perfectly with The Field Percussion User Manual!

*: The pit music/warmup/exercise songs may be used for free as warmups or exercises, but may not be used as productions as part of a show or paid performance. For paid show and performance productions please contact the composer for the proper permissions at the URL listed at the bottom of each PDF file. Thank you!

Drumming Sight Reading Assessment Booklet Cover

FREE drumming sight reading level assessment booklet!

This handy free drumming sight reading assessment booklet will help teachers and parents evaluate their percussionist’s ability level in order to provide an appropriate starting point for lessons, or choosing a solo. This booklet will also assist in the audition process when choosing a performer’s placement in your ensemble. The drum sight reading booklet is 12 pages and includes 6 sight reading passages for each level 1-6. The booklet also includes levels “6+1” and “6+2” which are geared toward the most advanced percussionists in order to provide assessments beyond the standard 6 levels. This means there are a total of 48 sight reading assessments in this booklet that can all be downloaded for free!

Print your FREE sight reading booklet here!


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