Patrick R. F. Blakley Percussion Studio Equipment List

A full list of drums, cymbals, electronics, heads, and sticks

Yamaha Stage Custom Drums– Birch

8×7″, 10×8″, 12×10″, 14×12″, 16×14″, Rack Toms. 16×14″, 18×16″ Floor Toms. 20×17″, 24×17″ Bass Drums. 14″ x 12″ Sforzando Marching Snare. 10″, 12″, 13″, 14″ Marching Tenors. Stands, Pedals & Hardware.

Epiarch Custom Drums– Maple

10×4″, 15×6″ Snares. 8×8″, 12×11″ Toms. 18×19″, 24×24″ Bass Drums.

B Meson Custom Percussion– Maple/Birch

13×6″, 14×6″ Snares. 6×16″, 6×18″ Octobans. 14×12″ Floor Tom. 6″, 8″ Marching Tenors.

Epiarch custom drumset the "Time Machine"

Sabian Cymbals– AA/AAX/Vault

6″ Metal X Splash, 7″ Alu-Bell, 8″, 10″, 12″ Metal Splashes, 10″ Metal Hats, 10″ Max Stax, 12″, 14″ Mini China, 13″, 14″ X-Celerator Hats, 14″ Sound Control Crash, 15″ Rock Hats, 16″ El Sabor Picante Hand Crash, 16″ & 17″ Saturation Crashes, 20″ Stadium Ride, 22″ Apollo Ride.

Remo Drumheads – Mylar

Coated Emperor, Clear Diplomat Snares. Clear Emperor, Clear Ambassador Toms. Powersonic, Powerstroke3 Bass Drums. White Max, Clear Ambassador Marching Snare.Suade, Clear Pinstripe Marching Tenor.

Innovative Percussion Drumsticks – Hickory

IP-1 Generals, FS-BK Marching Snare, FT-1 Marching Tenor, FS-2 Marching Tenor, FT-3 Marching Tenor

Alesis Electronics

Pads, Triggers, Pedals, Module.


Shure SM57 Snare mics, Shure Beta 52A Bass Drum mics, Audio Technica AT4040 Overhead mics, CAD CM212 Effects mics, CAD KM212, TM211 Redundant Tom mics, Sony Pro MDR-7506 Studio Headphones.

Miscellaneous equipment can be viewed on the image page here.

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