Quadratics: The Multi-tom Focus

Quadratics: The Multi-tom Focus tenor drum instructional book!

Quadratics is a 150 page book specifically designed for the tenor drums. These six drums get a lot of attention throughout this publication. Anyone looking to further their understanding of this instrument will appreciate the subtleties that this text uncovers. From the performer to the composer, and everywhere in between, this is a useful guide!

Quadratics: The Multi-tom Focus


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Special thanks to Matt Barry, Matthew Bauer, Chris Blakley, Jeff Bower, Jared Brickman, Richard DelMazzio, Sarah Hope, Eric Lewis, Joshua Miller, Maxwell Purcell, David Ratliff, and Marla Reschke for their support and contributions to the book’s production.

Quadratics is also available through DownBeat Percussion at many New York State Field Band Conference and New York State Percussion Circuit competitions. Find their booth at your next show!

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Other publication pages: Quadratics, User Manual, Drummy DrumInfo Packet, Drumline Warmups, Pit Warmups, Drumset Warmups, and Articles.