The Quarterly Note

The Quarterly Note – A Free Book Prize!

The Quarterly Note is a way to say thanks for the support and to give back to the drumming community in a small but fun way. This is done as a free opt-in prize that is issued four times per year (once per quarter)! The prize consists of a handwritten personalized note and a free signed physical copy of one of the books on this site (which will also be inscribed inside the cover). The book is chosen at random and everything is mailed to you! All you have to do is sign up for email notifications for new music and posts from this site! If you enjoy the free content on this site such as drumline, pit, and drumset warmups, why not get notified for new content too?! You might even win a free book! Click the link below to sign up for the Quarterly Note prize with no purchase necessary! With more publications coming out this prize keeps getting better and better!



The quarterly note prize


How does it work?

When you sign up for email notifications with PRFB.net / PatrickRFBlakley.com you’ll receive an email when new music, posts, publications, or events are posted. You also have the ability to request music and warmups when you submit your email address in the form! For the prize, winners will be contacted at the end of every quarter using the email address they provided during signup. Simply reply to the email with the necessary mailing information and the prize is shipped to you!


The note and prizes:

The prizes will include a handwritten personalized note on a professional cardstock postcard and an autographed/inscribed copy of one of Patrick R. F. Blakley’s publications (chosen randomly). These publications will include the following books from PRFB.net: Drummy Drum Joins Marchy Band+Drummy Drum Activities Book, Drummond: Learning to find himself in the music, The Field Percussion User Manual, Quadratics: The tenor drum equation, and the Drumline & Pit Warmup Packet. The books will be in new condition with possible slight wear from signing them.



All books by Patrick R. F. Blakley



No purchase necessary. A winner will be chosen at random at the end of each quarter calendar year (3/30, 6/30, 9/30, and 12/30). Winners will be notified by the email address they provided upon signing up. A response via that email address within 30 days is required to proceed. A mailing address shall be provided by the winner at this time and the prize will be shipped to that address. In the event that no new email signups are registered for the quarter, or all current email addresses have been contacted to win, no prize will be issued. Winners may not be eligible to win again unless instructions are followed in the prize box and a minimum of three new winners receive prizes in between. The prize value is roughly $20-30 USD and will consist of an autographed publication written by Patrick R. F. Blakley (chosen at random) and a handwritten personalized note on cardstock. Prizes cannot be exchanged. Winners may reside anywhere worldwide and the prizes will be shipped via USPS from New York State. Void where prohibited.


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