Drum Setups List and Description for the PRFB Studio

Drumset Setups in the PRFB Percussion Studio

.Below are the three main stylistic drum setups available in the PRFB studio


“Tempo Circles”

This drumset is comprised of larger drums and larger cymbals. All of the kits are seven-piece sets, but the arrangement and contrast of sounds allow for completely different voices. The Progressive Kit is so named because it is set up for more of a progressive genre of music. The flow of the setup is great for the style because of the placement of the toms which can be played from the center and in order going either direction, left or right, to still produce a lower pitch as you progress. This means that fills can be played both triple and duple-based to move around the kit (or starting with either hand). The twenty-four-inch bass drum is the biggest that Yamaha makes for its drumsets and packs quite a wallop. The fifteen-inch remote hihat is another plus-size item that is great for communicating the left foot patterns on top of the massive sound the rest of the kit produces. The remote hat is also great for just laying down grooves and it contrasts the main thirteen-inch hihat nicely. The setup also includes two electronic pads as well as an electronic foot pedal and electronic trigger. These effects allow for certain spices to be added to the overall sound without having to mount several accessory instruments. Alesis creates a great variety of sound samples that are realistic and effective.  Overall, this big kit has everything needed to create a strong voice behind a heavy sound. Check out the kit’s specs below!

Sabian Cymbals; A: 12″ AA Mini China, B: 13″ AAX X-Celerator Hats, C: 7″ Vault Alu-Bell, D: 16″ AAX El Sabor Picante Hand Crash, E: 8″ AA Metal Splash, F: 20″ AAX Stadium Ride, G: 17″ AAX Saturation Crash, H: 10″ Signature Vault Max Stax, I: Remote 15″ AA Rock Hats, J: 14″ AA Mini China. Yamaha Stage Custom Drums; 24″x17″ bass drum, 8″x7″ rack tom, 12″x10″ rack tom, 16″x14″ rack tom, 18″x16″ floor tom. B Meson Custom Drums; 14″x6″ snare drum, 14″x12″ floor tom. Alesis Electronics; 8″ pads (2), foot pedal, snare drum trigger, module. Remo Drumheads; Coated Emperor / Diplomat snare, Clear Emperor / Ambassador toms, Powersonic / Powerstroke3 bass drum. Innovative Percussion Drumsticks; IP-1 Generals. Yamaha Hardware.


“Something Something Ketchup”

The smaller of the two studio setups is the Fusion Kit. This drumset still also has seven pieces but is comprised of smaller sizes and a little bit different flow of cymbals and drums. “Fusion” can refer to the genre of Jazz-fusion, but also can be interpreted as the fusion of many styles into an all-encompassing drumset (sometimes referred to as the Experimental Kit). Starting with the cymbals, the sizes are all fairly small with many splashes and even a ten-inch remote hihat. This small hihat allows for a great contrast with the main fourteen-inch hat and has a specific mic placed strategically for foot patterns. It also pops nicely when played as a straight hat. The mini hat also doubles as a splash cymbal by being raised enough (with a clutch) to be free of the bottom cymbal when struck. All of the brilliant-finished cymbals, however, are overshadowed by the massive raw ride mounted high and vertically on the right side of the kit. The Apollo Ride is the focal point of the kit, being put up so high, the sound naturally projects outward while the very small bell of the cymbal is picked up perfectly by the right overhead mic. This cymbal also allows for a very visual style of performance. The drum arrangement is fairly standard besides the octoban effect drums being swapped (the larger drum is on the left, while the smaller one is on the right; just like the top rack toms of the Progressive Kit). Mounting toms and octobans in this manner allows for triplet and paradiddle patterns to begin fills or interjections. Lastly, the fourteen-inch mounted rack tom has a massive 40-strand snare wire system attached to the bottom allowing it to be played, and sound, like a field drum if desired, opening a window for even more sound potential. Just like the Progressive Kit, the Fusion Kit has electronic pads, a pedal, and a snare trigger to incorporate endless possibilities in terms of accessories or additional drums and cymbals. Overall, this drumset cuts through the mix with great higher-end sounds that fit nicely within many genres. Check out the kit’s specs below!

Sabian Cymbals; A: 12″ AA Mini China, B: 14″ AAX X-Celerator Hats, C: 12″ AA Metal Splash, D: 6″ AAX Metal X Splash, E: 16″ AAX Saturation Crash, F: Remote 10″ AA Metal Hat, G: 14″ AA Sound Control Crash, H: 8″ Metal Splash, I: 22″ AA Apollo Ride. Yamaha Stage Custom Drums; 20″x17″ bass drum, 10″x8″ rack tom, 14″x12″ rack tom, 16″x14″ floor tom. B Meson Custom Drums; 13″x6″ snare drum, 6″x16″ octoban, 6″x18″ octoban. Alesis Electronics; 8″ pads (2), foot pedal, snare drum trigger, module. Remo Drumheads; Coated Emperor / Diplomat snare, Clear Emperor / Ambassador toms, Powersonic / Powerstroke3 bass drum. Innovative Percussion Drumsticks; IP-1 Generals. Yamaha Hardware.


“The Time Machine”

The third drumset is a small custom show kit consisting of, again, seven pieces. This time, each piece of equipment is on its own free-standing mount allowing for it to be easily moved for show changeovers and time constraints on the road. The kit also covers a huge spectrum of sounds from the ten-inch snare to the fifteen-inch snare. The contrast is also apparent in the bass drums from eighteen inches to twenty-four inches, however, the main smaller bass drum comprises a double-bass pedal allowing both feet to play the one drum. The massive accessory bass drum utilizes a slave pedal and is only played by the right foot. The remote hat is also hoisted nice and high so that the left foot patterns are clearly visible from the front and picked up more clearly by the right overhead mic (which is important since running a separate mic to the hat defeats the purpose of the drum kit being easily set up). Overall the Custom Epiarch Show Kit is one-of-a-kind and will definitely turn some heads at shows! Check out the kit’s specs below!

Sabian Cymbals; A: 13″ AAX X-Celerator Hats, B: 17″ AAX Saturation Crash, C: 8″ AA Metal Splash, D: 16″ AAX El Sabor Picante Hand Crash, E: 20″ AAX Stadium Ride, F: Remote 15″ AA Rock Hats. Epiarch Custom Drums; 10″x4″ snare drum, 15″x6.5″ snare drum, 18″x19″ bass drum, 24″x24″ slave bass drum, 8″x8″ floor tom, 12″x11″ floor tom. B Meson Custom Drums; 14″x12″ floor tom. Remo Drumheads; Coated Emperor / Diplomat snares, Clear Emperor / Ambassador toms, Powersonic / Powerstroke3 bass drums. Innovative Percussion Drumsticks; IP-1 Generals. Yamaha Hardware.


Marching drum setups are also available in the studio for lessons or recording. They include a 14″x12″ Yamaha Sforzando Snare Drum and a 6″/8″/10″/12″/13″/14″ Yamaha Field-Corps sumo tenor set. The tenor set has custom B Meson inside drums for the 6″ and 10″ sumo options, this allows for easily tuned inside toms that are clearly defined. Both marching drums also have custom B Meson “Shellshock Mounts” attached to the sides that provide a wooden shell sound when played by the drumstick. The shock-mounted 8ply quarter-shell allows the wood playing surface to be abused without ruining the actual shell of the drums. Shellshock mounts can be mounted on both thirteen and fourteen-inch drums (as seen in the image) without issue and can be easily removed by just unscrewing two tension rods. These mounts are available for purchase from PatrickRFBlakley.com through the Articles Page about them. The marching snare drum includes a top-snare wire feature that allows for different snare timbres and four combinations of producible sounds. The marching drums are in a separate isolated area of the studio, which means no cymbal wash from the high frequencies bouncing around the room. The drums are also supported by solid drum stands so that they won’t move over the mics, and more importantly, they don’t have to be carried or worn during lessons or recordings.

Yamaha Marching Drums; 14″x12″ Sforzando snare drum, 10″/12″/13″/14″ Field-Corps quads. B Meson Custom Drums; 6″ inside drum, 8″ inside drum, Shellshock Mounts (3). Remo Drumheads; White Max / Clear Ambassador snare drum, Suade, Pinstripe tenor drums. Innovative Percussion Drumsticks; FS-BK snare drum sticks, FT-1/FT-2/FT-3 tenor drum mallets. Yamaha Hardware.

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