Terre Hill, Woodard, NY

Terre Hill, Woodard, New York

Terre Hill, Woodard, New York State: An essay by Patrick R. F. Blakley

Clay, NY School #6 at Terre Hill, Woodard, NY. Brown School.           Terre Hill in Woodard, NY is an area hidden in plain sight. Most people drive through Terre Hill and the Woodard, NY region without even realizing what’s actually there, or a lot of the history throughout the area. This essay illuminates some interesting facts about Terre Hill in Woodard, NY, and the surrounding area of Clay. Included with this 110-page essay is a detailed family tree for the Blakley and Postle families, a personal account of family relations and ties to Terre Hill, and ahnentafel reports for both Blakley and Postle families for future reference! The electronic document is available for free below, but if you’d like a professionally printed book it’s available on Amazon

Fun fact: Terre Hill, PA was also well known for their cigar-making in Lancaster County, similar to Clay, NY which is home to New York’s Terre Hill! I can’t help but also note that residents of Terre Hill, PA pronounce their town name wrong! (Their pronunciation of “Terre” rhymes with “Berry“, rather than the way the French word is pronounced rhyming with “Hair“). Terre Haute, IN also gets it wrong, rhyming theirs with “Sarah,” which is also the most populated community using the word Terre in its name.

Terre Hill, Woodard NY Essay

           Below are some reference materials including maps and images referred to throughout the essay. The original sources are cited in the bibliography, but the interesting maps and materials are now all in one place below, check them out! You might also be interested in my family-related work on Blakley Road in Genoa, NY! This expands on some history with the Blakley side of my family and the town my grandfather grew up in.

Image Links: (Warning – Large images)

Map of Native American settlements

1787 Onondaga County Map

CNY Military Tract Map

Onondaga County Military Tract Map

Cicero (Clay) Military Tract Map – Terre Hill #77

Onondaga Book 1849

1852 Onondaga County Map

1859 Clay Map

1859 Clay Map (Zoomed)

1860 Clay Map

Brown School 1870

Brown School Second Photo

Brown School District #6 Description

Brown School #6 in front of the new Buckley Road Baptist Church

1871 CNY Map

1874 Clay Map

History of Onondaga County Book 1878

Hand Drawn Clay Map (with names)

Onondaga Centennial Book 1896

1940 Topo Map

1957 Geo Map

1973 Geo Map

Hancock International air map of Greater Syracuse

Weller / Teska family tree

William B. Weller gravestone

Sponsors of the Welcome To Clay book (including Marty & Jean Relyea)



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