Drummond: A Young Adult Marching Band book

Drummond: Learning to find himself in the music

A young adult marching band novel by Patrick R. F. Blakley

This is a unique marching band book for musicians and non-musicians alike! Drummond is tasked with joining his high school marching band’s drumline and needs to find himself to succeed. You, like Drummond, might find yourself overthinking your life, or sometimes struggle to understand what you want to do with your future. The book is about figuring out who we are inside, then learning how to fit in. Drummond grapples and second-guesses himself throughout the book, but dealing with outside factors isn’t easy! Finding some unexpected help along the way guides him into his role in the band, and in life. When family life outside of band gets dark, Drummond needs to fit into his new family within marching band! By popular demand, autographed / inscribed / gift copies are also available! Click here!


Learning to find himself in the music

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Drummond is 320 pages and plays with the overarching theme of learning how to be yourself, then to believe in yourself. The story is enjoyable for all ages.

Drummond is the first novel by Patrick R. F. Blakley and it’s a much more in-depth and developed version of his previous Drummy story. Drummy Drum Joins Marchy Band is the preceding children’s book, audiobook, and activity book. Drummond is a similar story, based on the same events, but is written for an older audience. The events of the book center around the main character, Drummond, who is convinced to try marching band and gets hooked! The novel was a 2022 Amazon eBook best-seller in multiple categories! If you know a young adult or are young at heart, you will enjoy this story – even if you’re not a marching band expert. For those of you who are marching band experts, you will hopefully relate to this story with your similar background! You certainly have friends and relationships in your past that reflect characters in this book, so reminisce with Drummond and revisit your introduction to the activity! You can hear an audio sample of the Drummond marching band book below and preview the story. Then grab a copy and learn to find yourself in the music! You can also now read an exclusive excerpt from 1618 Words here! (Caution: Spoilers)

Drummond marching band novel an Amazon eBook best seller!

Drummond marching band book Amazon best seller!

Drummond marching band eBook Amazon best seller!

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Drummond novel Readers' Favorite 5-star award seal


“Patrick R. F. Blakley’s novel, Drummond, is a compassionate look at the power of music to strengthen an unsettled soul. I love how the author weaves in the magic of music.”

Readers’ Favorite 

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Drummond novel Literary Titan 4-star award seal


“Drummond: Learning to Find Himself in the Music is a beautifully written coming-of-age novel for teens and young adults. Teens looking for inspiration or anyone with a love or nostalgia for the marching band will find this book a welcome addition to their collection.”

Literary Titan

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Drummond novel LitPick 5-star award seal


“Blakley beautifully visualizes Drummond’s journey of self-discovery by using articulate jargon commonly found in the music world. This allows for further characterization and easy understanding of the effortless coming-of-age story.”

LitPick Book Review Award

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Drummond novel LitPick Top Choice Award seal


“Blakley’s novel is charming, humorous, and an authentic look into a relatable past for all readers of any age. Drummond is an incredibly well-written coming-of-age story that hits so close to home.”

LitPick Top Choice Award

Read the full LitPick Top Choice Award review of Drummond: Learning to find himself in the music

“Drummond takes a unique approach to the subject of music, personal identity, and being a kid in the world. Young readers who find their place of acceptance through music will love this. What a fun story! It was compelling and tender all at once and will resonate with a lot of readers.

Writers Digest 


“This was such a brilliantly written and captivating YA Genre Fiction read! The author expertly crafted a relatable and genuine narrative that felt alive on the page, and the imagery and tone the author captured ranged from the desolate to the passionate depending on the protagonist’s environment and mood. The character growth was the heart and passion of the story in this book. Rating 10/10″

Reedsy Reviews 


“Blakley’s attention to relationship-building, group efforts, and individual growth create a winning first-person story in which Drummond learns about marching bands, music, and himself. Ideally, it will also be part of a classroom assignment, discussed for its psychological revelations as Drummond learns about his strengths and employs them in a group effort to make music.”

Midwest Book Review 


“Drummond: Learning to Find Himself in the Music is a solid coming-of-age story. Blakley’s extensive knowledge of music and his own experiences in his youth bring the tale to life. Drummond is an engaging and entertaining protagonist who many young readers will identify with.”

The Book Review Directory


“Drummond is a book I wish ‌I had read during my impressionable marching band years. A little neurotic and a lot funny, Blakley reminds musicians of the intricate nuances of drumming and a fun range of different marching instruments as Drummond shuffles through sections of the band before resettling on his true love, percussion.”

Indies Today


“We finally have a story that speaks to the formative experiences our many young adults have in school band! If you have a child in band, particularly if they are a percussionist, then they will certainly connect with this smartly-written tale. Drummond explores the shared experience of music education and marching band that our best and brightest students have and continue to love and cherish, regardless of time and place.”

Dr. R. Ward Miller, D.M.A. – Macy’s Great American Marching Band, Blue Stars Drum & Bugle Corps

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Check out the audio sample to begin to find yourself in the music!

Audiobook preview narrated by Patrick Vitrano. Find more audio by him on the Drummy Drum Joins Marchy Band Audiobook page.

Drummond marching band novel audiobook sample

(No spoilers, this audio preview starts right at the beginning of the book!)



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The Drummond media/press kit is available here. Review copies are currently available through the contact page.

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The Drummond media/press kit is available here. Review copies are currently available through the contact page.


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