Drummy Drum Joins Marchy Band Audiobook

Drummy Drum Marching Band Children’s Audiobook

Get the FREE marching band children’s audiobook full of fun sounds!

This audiobook accompanies the Drummy Drum Joins Marchy Band story and is read aloud for kids or students. If you’re a teacher and want to be able to present the book to a class this audiobook is for you! Complete with page-turn signals and a great take on each instrument’s sound!

Drummy Drum Audiobook

Free Marching Band Audiobook Download!

Audiobook also available at the following retailers:

Audible.com and Amazon.com

About the Audiobook Voice Artist:

Patrick Vitrano has a career in Parks and Recreation in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In the winter time you can find him driving the zamboni at the local outdoor ice skating rink. In his free time Patrick creates YouTube videos and hosts a talk show centered around video games. You can find more of Patrick’s projects at JustOkGamers.com.

The Drummond novel also includes a classroom assignment sheet with questions and a book report guide!

Don’t forget to check out the paperback book, coloring book, and activities that follow Drummy’s story!

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