Drummy Drum Joins Marchy Band is a Children’s Music Book

Drummy Drum – The children’s music book

Download the free activities for your child or the classroom!

If you have a child that loves to make big noises and hear fun sounds this is the children’s music book for you! It’s time to read and get loud! Drummy Drum decides to join the marchy band but he can’t decide which instrument he wants to play. He tries all sorts of different instruments and can’t find the one that fits him best. Then Drummy finally learns about drums, he tries the drums and he loves them! The story is about learning to be yourself and about fitting in. The book is filled with fun sounds and will entertain all ages! Whether you’re reading to your kids or grandchildren, teaching a class, or know a parent that just loves band, this little 44-page children’s music book is just right! You can find the free Drummy audiobook below for even MORE fun sounds! If you’d like an autographed copy please order that here!

Drummy Drum Joins Marchy Band Children’s Book

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About the illustrator:

Emily Hogan is a student at Cicero North-Syracuse High School in Syracuse, New York. She plays saxophone in several of the school’s music ensembles including the marching band. Emily has been drawing for over 8 years and has won a gold medal in the New York State Scholastic Arts Competition.


Download Free Drummy Drum Activities

Below are several activities for classroom or at home which can be used at many different ages and grade levels. Download the worksheet and answer keys here for free and use them with your kids and students! Also included is a Parade Song which can be played on classroom speakers for the kids to march around the room singing their favorite instrument! These fun classroom activities will put a smile on every face while learning about music and marching band!

Crossword Puzzle

Marching Band Crossword Puzzle Activity

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Download the Answer Key

Word Search

Marching Band Word Search Activity

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Download the Answer Key

Hidden Letters

Marching Band Hidden Letters Activity

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Download the Answer Key

Color By Number

Marching Band Color By Number Activity

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Word Scramble

Marching Band Word Scramble Activity

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Download the Answer Key

Board Game Maker

Marching Band Board Game Maker Activity

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Parade Song

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The parade song is an MP3 audio file that you can download for free to use in the classroom (or at home). The song is almost 7 minutes long and is designed to allow children to march around the room after reading Drummy Drum’s story. The students are encouraged to act out and sing the noises of their favorite instrument as they parade around the room. This is a great way to get them up and moving after sitting and reading the book. Then after marching around they can sit and go into some fun worksheets (above) that are still related to Drummy and music.


Get the audiobook here!

The audiobook accompanies the main story of Drummy Drum. For a classroom setting this allows the teacher to present the book to their class with entertaining sounds and page turn guides. This means that the book can be facing toward the students while being presented to the class, rather than the teacher reading it first and then showing the students. So go check it out! You can pay whatever you want for this great audiobook!

Don’t forget to check out the audiobook, coloring book, and activities that follow Drummy’s story!

The Drummond novel also includes a classroom assignment sheet with questions and a book report guide!

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