Marching Band & Percussion Design, and Music & Visual Consultation

Marching Band & Percussion Consultation

Need a fresh perspective? Let’s work together to polish your established program!

Marching band and drumline consultation

Patrick R. F. Blakley’s percussion composition performed in the 2018 Macy’s Parade!

I am available to visit your field or indoor rehearsals, as well as your pre-season design meetings. It can be very helpful to get a fresh set of eyes on your show. Having someone watch your show for the first time, even in mid- to late-season, can give you instant informative feedback that can help you understand what the judges see on their first read. When you’ve seen your own show for 100+ hours it can be very easy to lose clarity of your overall vision. Consultants can help alleviate this issue and help you see your show a little differently. A pre-season design consultation can help get an outside perspective on your show notes and ideas, this allows for an unbiased critique of current design plans and goals.

Let's talk about your show!

Contact me so we can take a fresh look at your current program and show layout.

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