drumlinewarmupsimageIf your drumline needs a book let’s chat! Compositions can be written for any ability level and any size drumline. The composition will be balanced, and not focus on the snare section as heavily and many battery books tend to do. It will also be nicely layered rather than all three sections playing in unison, this allows for depth and also prevents the music from becoming bland. The object is to accompany the ensemble (not distract from it), hold interest, challenge the members without over-writing, and providing steady time and tempo. Many drum books fail to accomplish at least one of these points.

Continuity is important to establish between the front ensemble and the drumline. This means that listening demands are minimized front to back because of added underlining drumline elements that carry the tempo through pit, or wind phrases. This allows for the group to rely on steady time and sets the perfect foundation for the entire ensemble.


Patrick’s composition can be heard across New York State as well as nationally in field circuits and WGI. Patrick has composed for several National Class bands in New York State and has been televised nationally at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City, New York.


Contact me if you’d like to work together on creating the perfect drumline composition for your group!

Let’s get started!


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