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Syracuse drum lessons deal starting at $15🔔 Patrick R. F. Blakley is SyracuseDrums.com and CNYdrums.com Get the very best drum lessons in Syracuse, New York by a certified percussion judge for Winterguard International and the New York State Field Band Conference! If you’re looking to fine-tune your craft, or even just want to learn to play a simple groove, Syracuse drum lessons can help!  Drum lessons in Syracuse for any ability level or age! These Syracuse drum lessons are available for all percussionists and non-percussionists alike. The very best way to learn something is one-on-one with a professional, especially something with as many nuances as drumming. Information is tailored 100% for you and your unique needs. Drumline lessons, pit lessons, drum set lessons, and more are all available by signing up here! Fully insured studio!

Complete the below drum lesson sign-up form and view the pricing information for a quick and easy onboarding. Parents, feel free to stay or just drop off students as you please. The studio offers a comfortable couch to watch during the lessons, or there are plenty of shops nearby if you want to come back later. A flexible schedule means you can learn drums at your own speed. Want to just do a single lesson? You got it! Need to prep for a solo fest, concert, or competition? Let’s do a bunch of lessons to get you totally prepared! You’re in charge, just let me know your drum lesson goal and we’ll get you there together! So come on over Syracuse, let’s drum!

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Why choose SyracuseDrums for your Syracuse drum lessons?

Taking drum lessons in Syracuse comes with many choices. The Syracuse drum lessons percussion studio offers a huge variety of percussion instrumentation from concert drums, marching drums, drum sets, and mallets! A full list of equipment is available here. Marching percussion includes snare drum, tenor drums, bass drum, cymbals, and mallets. Concert percussion includes snare drum, tom toms, bass drum, mallets, and accessories such as bongos, clave, guiro, djembe, suspended cymbal, udu, talking drum, tabla, gong, tambourine, maracas, even spoons! The studio also features two drumsets that are set up for various styles, see below for all the drumset lesson styles offered. If you’re interested in learning things like rhythm notation or composition we can discuss that too. Is anything missing that you need? SyracuseDrums has you covered! Just let me know using this contact link!

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This was my first time drumming and I really enjoyed my time and I couldn’t find a better place to start my drumming adventure, I highly recommend. -Fabio D.

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Get the most of out your drum lessons in Syracuse!

If you’re looking for the best drum lessons in Syracuse you’ve found it! SyracuseDrums has two full-size drum sets in the studio which makes learning a breeze since you’re able to hear examples in real time while learning! Playing together while learning makes it more enjoyable and speeds up the learning process altogether. Students will be able to hear examples of exercises while being told how to approach them. This lesson format increases the rate of learning for the student considerably. Check out the studio setups here. And if you’re just starting out, don’t be intimidated, we’ll focus on your level and make it fun because that’s what drumming is all about! At the end of each lesson, you’ll be emailed a complete summary of your lesson with notes, suggestions, and all the topics we covered!

Below are the major areas of my expertise with 30+ years of experience as a musician teaching drum lessons in Syracuse, as a New York State Field Band Conference music judge, and as a certified percussion judge for Winterguard International. Looking for something else? Click here and let me know! These lessons will be totally customized to you and your schedule!

Syracuse Drum Lessons on Marching Percussion

Syracuse drum lessons to prepare for the marching band, indoor percussion, or parade band seasons!

If your school’s marching band season is underway or the indoor percussion music just dropped, we can get you up to speed ahead of the pack! Are you auditioning for a new spot this year? Set up some early lessons to help stand out from the crowd and ensure your best chances! Marching snare drum lessons, marching tenor drum lessons, and marching bass drum lessons are our specialties. Bring your warmups, exercises, and sheet music so we can make notes and polish any tricky spots, we can even work on memorization.

Take a look at the marching publications available on this site that can also help prepare you for any marching activity. Quadratics: The tenor drum equation, The Field Percussion User Manual, and The Drumline & Pit Information Packet. You should also check out the free drumline warmups, the free pit warmups, and the free drumset exercises.

Drum lessons in Syracuse for any ability level





Snare Drum

Tenor Drum

Bass Drum




Rhythm Notation

Percussion Composition


Syracuse drum lesson instrumentation at a glance: Drum sets, concert snare drums, marching snare drums, tom toms, marching tenor drums (quads/quints/sextets), concert bass drum, marching bass drum, suspended cymbals, crash cymbals (concert and marching), marimba, bells/glockenspiel, piano, gong, bongos, castanets, maracas, guiro, triangle, clave, djembe, congas, tambourine, break drum, doumbek, talking drum, udu, tabla, rainstick, and even spoons! See the detailed instrumentation list here.

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Syracuse drum lessons and Central New York drum lessons

SyracuseDrums.com percussion studio is located in North Syracuse which is just a short drive from Downtown Syracuse, Liverpool, Baldwinsville, Brewerton, Cicero, Solvay, Geddes, Camillus, Phoenix, and Central Square.

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About the instructor

My name is Patrick Blakley and I’ve been performing and teaching percussion for over 30 years. I’m currently a music judge for the New York State Field Band Conference and a certified percussion judge with Winterguard International. My exercise and warmup method book has been utilized by over 80 schools in 29 states across the country as well as 5 colleges, a symphony orchestra, DCI drum corps, and even by groups in the UK.

I’ve instructed privately and as a member of several local high school marching bands as a composer, designer, caption head, and director. All of my ensembles have gone on to win state championships while I was on staff! I specialize in teaching marching percussion, including snare drum, tenor drums, and bass drum, as well as drumset and concert percussion. I’ve also published two marching percussion instructional books as well a novel and children’s book about marching band. My lessons are paced according to your goals, and I try to make everything fun! My studio is also fully insured. I look forward to drumming with you! Read my full bio here.

Syracuse Drum Lessons FAQ

Where to take drum lessons? Where to learn drums? Drum lessons near me?

If you live in or around Syracuse, New York, you’re not far from our studio! SyracuseDrums.com offers in-person professional drumset lessons, marching drumline and pit lessons, as well as concert lessons. These lessons are perfect for our area school districts and students!

What percussion instruments do you teach lessons on?

SyracuseDrums.com is a percussion-oriented studio which means we teach lessons on almost any percussion instrument. The most popular instruments to take lessons on with us is drum set, concert snare drum, marching snare drum, tom toms, marching tenor drums (quads/quints/sextets), marching bass drum, marimba, and piano. See the detailed instrumentation list here.

Do you offer drum lessons for kids?

Yes, we do! If your young one is showing an interest in drums we can start lessons with them at an early age. Typically, kids fare better with shorter lessons and we keep things fun for them to stay engaged. If you’re planning for your child to start percussion in school soon, we can provide the necessary foundation to give them a leg-up and keep them one step ahead!

When to start drum lessons? What age to start drum lessons?

You can start drum lessons as soon as your child shows an interest. We can provide a one-time short lesson to help develop that interest, or we can schedule multiple lessons to help them prepare for the school band. Many local schools introduce specific instruments around age 9 or 10, but lessons can begin much earlier than that! We may certainly be biased, but drums are an extremely fun and simple instrument to begin, making lessons prior to school band even more useful and engaging with the little ones. You don’t even need a drum at home, you could simply buy a pair of drumsticks and practice on the carpet, or a pillow. You could also consider buying a drum pad for practicing.

What do drum lessons cost? Are drum lessons expensive? Drum lesson prices?

See our sign-up form for the most up-to-date drum lesson pricing. We continue to research the drum lesson market and strive to offer the most competitive pricing in town. We’re also confident that the SyracuseDrums.com studio is on a level above any other local classes based on our small group of talented instructors and their credentials as music judges and staff members for NYS, WGI, DCA, and DCI circuits!

How many drum lessons do you need?

The answer to this question depends on your ultimate drumming goals. If you’re preparing for an audition, solo, or competition, you may want to take as many lessons as possible before the event. If you’re starting a new hobby or just want to drum casually you’d probably be more inclined to take lessons over a much longer timeframe. With SyracuseDrums.com we offer casual lesson schedules as needed, so you can feel free to take a few lessons here or there, take a long break, or just simply do a one-time lesson. Whenever you feel you need a lesson we’ll be here!

What’s the best lesson duration?

There is no one-size-fits-all lesson duration, which is why we offer several different options. The best lesson duration for you is one where you’re able to feel engaged throughout the full lesson. Feel free to try a few different durations and see which one feels best for you!

Can I do more than one lesson per week?

Yes, if you’d like to take multiple lessons per week we would be happy to help. This is a great solution for students preparing for an audition, solo, or competition. Let us know at the bottom of the sign-up form and we’ll plan the lesson schedule accordingly. Note, some pricing specials are only valid once per week.

Do you offer group lessons?

Use the contact form to send a message with a request for group lessons. We can definitely accommodate small group lessons with our studio.

Are drum lessons worth it?

The short answer is yes. While it is certainly possible to teach yourself drums, and a lot of people start out that way, there are many bad habits that you may miss or lose track of. You can also learn drums by watching online videos which are super popular now. However, unless you’re hyper-aware of your own personal tendencies you can easily grow those bad habits which will be very difficult to correct once they’re established. With an in-person drum lesson in front of a teacher, those tendencies will be illuminated and corrected throughout each lesson, so while you move on to different elements of drumming, your instructor will keep those bad habits in check and prevent them from becoming a problem. This is just one of many important reasons why drum lessons are worth it!

How to start drum lessons?

It’s simple to start taking drum lessons at SyracuseDrums.com, just click here for our sign-up form!

Drum lessons without drums?

Students can absolutely learn drums without owning a drumset or even a single drum at home! In fact, it’s even more beneficial to take in-person lessons in this situation in order to play on real drums in person more often. Practicing at home without drums is easy, all you need is a pair of drumsticks and a pillow. You can also play right on your bed. Keep in mind an actual drumhead has a natural rebound in which the drumstick bounces off. On a pillow, you have to pull the drumstick up for each stroke which builds chops and drumming muscles much faster! Drum pads are also great, or simply drumming on your leg while you watch TV! As long as you are practicing it doesn’t really matter what you’re practicing on!

What drumsticks do you recommend for beginners?

We recommend starting with a size 5A drumstick. In the studio, we use the Innovative Percussion IP-1 drumsticks which are great for both concert and drumset applications. For marching percussion, or just a full list of implements used in the studio, see the equipment page here!

Where is the studio located?

The SyracuseDrums.com percussion studio is located in North Syracuse, NY. Once your lesson date/time is confirmed you’ll receive the exact address with several other pieces of lesson information.

Do I have to pay for parking?

Street parking in front of the studio is completely free!

If you have other general drumming questions, please see our full percussion FAQ here!

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