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Drumset setup and tuning service for the Syracuse area!

Proper setup, lubrication, tuning, cleaning, polishing, and much much more!

Syracuse drumset tuning services

Unlock the full potential of your drumset with our expert drumset setup, tuning, and cleaning services. At SyracuseDrums, we understand that a well-tuned drumset is essential for achieving the best sound and performance. Sometimes setting up a new drumset can be very intimidating. For beginners, you may not even know the optimum way to set up the kit. Fear not! Your drumset will not only be set up, it’ll be cleaned, polished, lubricated, tuned, and can even be repaired if there are any small issues! All of this is included in the standard price! But we don’t stop there either: If you need to replace things like drumheads, bass drum beaters, snare wires, tone rings, drumsticks, or even your bass drum muffle pillow we can do that during the visit, plus even more! Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned drummer, our comprehensive tuning service is performed by an experienced drum tech who will tailor your drumset to your unique style and preferences. They’ll also make sure the drumset area is left neat and tidy so you can just sit down to play right away without having to clean anything up afterward.

Lesson students: Your drum tuning service is 50% off!

(Current students must be active and have a minimum of 1 hour completed lesson time to qualify. Limit 1 per household.)

Are you a business or commercial site that needs a drumset tuning and cleaning service? Look no further! We offer our full service to schools, churches, studios, theaters, clubs, bars, and any other business location with drums! Maintaining your commercial drumset is crucial, especially with big shows or performances on the horizon. Make sure your drums deliver top-notch sound quality when it matters most. We understand the unique demands of different venues and provide customized solutions to meet your specific needs. From regular maintenance to pre-performance checkups, we make sure your drumset is always stage-ready. Ensure flawless performances and outstanding sound with our professional drumset services for commercial settings. Schedule your one-time or recurring appointment today and take your commercial drumset to the next level!

Our general service area is available on the left. We do offer services outside this area but may add a small time/fuel surcharge for more distant appointments. Please feel free to reach out with any questions about our services or coverage area. The current service area radius is 8.5 miles from our studio.

Our drum tech has been performing and servicing drums for over 30 years! Patrick has performed across the country with groups that range from rock bands to drum and bugle corps. He’s won competitive drumming contests at the local, state, and national levels! Currently, Patrick is a music judge for the NYSFBC and is a certified percussion judge for Winterguard International.

Once you submit your information through our drum tuning and service form you’ll receive an official estimate through email within about 24 hours. Standard pricing includes setup, cleaning, polishing, lubrication as needed, tuning, and some minor repairs for things like tension rods, lug nuts, claws, or snare throws. Any add-on items you’d like to include will be calculated at the time of service (things such as new drumheads, drumsticks, tone rings, bass drum beaters, snare wires, or bass drum tone pillows). There are NO hidden fees and the price estimate will not change if no add-on items are selected. You will NOT be pressured into any additional items! The price on your estimate is not only the lowest price of anyone in Greater Syracuse, but it’s the lowest one we can find anywhere online in any city!

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