Studio Recording

The studio comes equipped with two drumsets, two guitar stations, a bass station, keyboard and piano setups, and vocal mics for everyone. If your band needs to lay down a scratch track or you just want to track drums to something previously recorded, this studio is the place to be! Load in and out easily with no stairs to slow you down and setup in no time with ready-to-record stations for all instrumentation.

Studio recording drum set

Studio recording drum set

If you’re looking for drum recording alone you’ll have several options available. The two drumsets are stylistically different and can be used from alternative to metal. You may want to bring your own cymbals and sticks but each of the studio kits has a nice variety of metallic sounds. Both kits also have electronic triggers, pads, and pedals run to a brain in the rack. You can expand the variety of percussion sounds or introduce some far-out audio into your mix.


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