Drumless Music Playlist

Drumless Music Playlist for Drumset Performance

Practice with some great tunes with drums removed! Enjoy the drumless tracks!

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Looking to jam along to some music but don’t want to play overtop of a pre-recorded drum track? Look no further, these drumless tracks are exactly what you’re looking for. The entire Drumless Playlist is comprised of popular tunes that have the drum tracks removed! Drumless tracks are added constantly to freshen up your practice or warmup set list and keep things exciting. Below is the playlist and you can listen right in the browser! Tracks range from Nirvana to Iron Maiden, to Deftones, Europe, and much more. You’ll probably find many songs you know, and the ones you might not know would be great to create your own drum parts for! You should also try changing styles so that you could play a song you know in a different drum style completely. This is a great opportunity to practice your performance characteristics. You should always practice the way you perform so that the performance aspects are deliberate and well-rehearsed. Challenge yourself to think of new ways to perform better behind the drum set. Stage presence is easier for guitars and bass because they have the ability to move around and put more body language into their performance. Drummers need to be able to perform through the use of facial expressions, and some more subtle body language. Use your eyes to engage the audience and don’t just stare down at your drums when you’re not playing. ‘Performance’ doesn’t always mean visuals either, you can perform through the music as well! Rehearse with a mirror to fine-tune your visual, and musical, performance craft in the practice space, you need to rehearse this because it won’t just happen by accident.

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