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Cost of Dynamic

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Sound pressure level decibel decay over distance calculation This information goes hand-in-hand with Cost of Timing and will help you calculate the sound pressure dampening across different distances! For the below calculations we’re going to use the altitude at sea level, use a scientific pitch of C6, and imagine the playing field is an anechoic chamber, put simply an isolated area without echo. This allows us to simplify the calculation and we can then use that relative information in reference to environments on the marching field. We’re also going to do any...

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Marching Band & Drum Corps Step Sizes

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You don’t know your step sizes as well as you thought you did! Hey marching band folks, did you know a step size horizontally is actually a different size than a step size vertically? Horizontal step size is 22.5 inches, but vertically it’s actually 22.857 inches! The proof is simple too! The full width of a football field is 160 feet, which is 84 steps. 84 steps multiplied by 22.857 is 1,919.988 inches. Divide by 12 for feet and you’re at 159.999 feet! Horizontally we’re good at 22.5 inches because 8 steps is equivalent to 5 yards. 8 steps at 22.5 inches...

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Cost Of Timing

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Calculating sound delay in bpm for anywhere on the marching field! Note: This post has been condensed into a dynamic formula that can be found here. Enjoy! This is a project that has taken me awhile to work out the math and create a formula that works for both distance and bpm at the same time, and I’m very excited to begin to write about it! In the future I’ll also be writing about Cost Of Dynamic which is similar to this article, but in terms of volume. But first, let me explain what any of this means since I think I might have lost some of you already. Cost Of...

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