Five of the Best Drumset Accessories Every Drummer Should Have! Drummer Gifts!

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Most drummers will find a good assortment of cool accessories simply by browsing online or watching drum videos, but some drum accessories fly under the radar! This is a list of some of the best accessories drummers can buy which is made up of some clever solutions to interesting problems, and can also help you become more creative in your playing! Let’s trim the fat and get right down to business!   1. Quick-set Cymbal Nut: Quick Release Nut for Cymbals     These quick-release cymbal nuts will help you load-in and load-out faster at gigs and shows. These clips slide over the...

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Innovative Percussion Artist & Educator Endorsement

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Innovative Percussion Drumsticks, Mallets & Accessories I’m very excited to announce that I’m now officially an endorsed artist and educator with Innovative Percussion! The IP products are instrumental in my success as a percussionist and instructor and I’m proud to have been using their sticks, mallets, and accessories for over 15 years! Check the info below to find my favorite products from IP that I use in my studio and with all of my ensembles… IP-1 Generals are my go-to concert and drum set stick of choice. They have an oval shaped bead which is...

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Dr. Beat Memory Switch for the Boss DB90 Metronomes

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If you’ve been involved with a marching band or drum corps for a while then you’ve probably been handed the metronome and Long Ranger to run during a rehearsal. Now, more importantly, if the show tempo every changed abruptly you’ve had to turn the dial at just the right moment and hope that it only moved one notch over. If it moved two notches over you’d skip a programmed tempo and possibly mess up the ensemble, you might also have switched it too soon and caused a hiccup. Well there is a device that can change all of that! This Dr. Beat Memory Switch works with the...

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Drumline GoPro & Best Mounts

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If you’re like a lot of other drummers in a drumline you want to grab as much footage as you can. And rightfully so, as soon as you graduate or age-out you’ll start to miss it and want to look back, you NEED some sort of video at least. If friends or family record from the front you’ll get a great (hopefully) audience perspective on what you did, but if you truly want to re-live the moments you’ll be looking for a first person shot. A lot of activities are really grabbing hold of the GoPro setup because it’s easy and small but packs a big punch. There are several...

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Implements of Choice

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If you’re auditioning or have been given a position in one of Mr. Blakley’s percussion sections then this is a list of items you’ll need to have. If you’re not in one of his groups then this is just a list of choice items that are highly recommended through years of experience with them. Since 2003 the sticks and mallets chosen to be used have been the same, as well as the manner in which they are used by the performers. In the next section you’ll see an itemized list by instrumentation that the groups all use. If you’re in one of these groups...

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Shellshock Mounts Available For Sale!

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Shellshock Mounts are a concept inspired by years of performing with, teaching, and watching numerous drumlines and percussion ensembles. The idea is that you want to have the option of playing on the drum’s shell surface without damaging the drum or the drum’s finish.  The Shellshock Mounts allow just that! You gain a playing surface that is out of the way and takes all the abuse so that the drum stays pristine. Best of all they are easy to mount and remove by attaching to only two of the drum’s tension rods. These mounts are great for any drumline that is looking for a...

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