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🔔 Patrick R. F. Blakley is CompetitiveMusic.com and WinterguardMusic.com Incredible winterguard music editing and winterguard soundtracks design within your budget! Work with an audio expert in the marching and WGI activities and set your group up for success. I am an NYSFBC music judge, a WGI-certified percussion judge, and I have been involved with the marching arts for over 30 years! My work has created a platform for many ensembles across the country competing at the highest levels of competition in the marching arts activity. Several of these groups have medaled at the WGI World Championships event in Dayton, Ohio.

I will work directly with your show designers to map out your winterguard soundtrack and emphasize the choreography and design elements throughout your show. Creating your winterguard soundtrack is just the beginning, so I will continue to work alongside your team to make sure the audio elements of your show continue to be effective throughout the competitive season. I’ll make sure the soundtrack achieves the highest potential based on competition results and judges’ input. If you have to modify show elements, choreography, or drill, the music can be just as flexible to meet your needs! Getting a price is easy, click the ‘quote‘ button below! If you get a lower price somewhere else, I’ll beat it!

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Patrick’s winterguard audio edits can be heard across multiple state and national circuits like Winterguard International. You can find Patrick’s work annually at WGI World Championships performed by ensembles that have included Scholastic World and Independent World finalists!

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High-Quality Full Show Length Audio File!    Unlimited Free Basic Revisions!    Consultation Throughout The Entire Season!

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Music for Winterguard International / WGI!

Are you more interested in dance ensemble audio work? Well, this is also the best resource for audio editing services for dance ensembles! Patrick also specializes in providing high-quality audio mixing for dance performances such as collegiate ensembles, clubs, studios, individuals, or independent groups! This work is done by an experienced audio engineer who is skilled in sound design, live audio recording, and audio restoration, using the latest software and techniques to ensure the best possible results. Find a lower price somewhere else? I’ll beat it!

In addition to traditional audio editing services, Patrick also offers audio enhancement and custom sound effects to help bring your dance productions to life. Whether you’re looking for professional audio mixing services or want to learn the ins and outs of audio editing yourself, we have you covered with our range of resources! Contact today to learn more and take your dance ensemble’s audio to the next level!

Copyright Note

If you’re using music for a competitive show you must obtain copyright permission for all music and samples you wish to perform publicly (that are not already public domain). Contact me for details.

Get the best dance soundtrack

and the best dance music editing

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Winterguard audio edits and WGI soundtracks design for WGI dance ensembles

Above: CNS Northstars Winterguard, WGI Scholastic World
Below: Syracuse Brigadiers Winterguard, WGI Independent World

Winterguard sountrack edits and music design for WGI winterguards!

Winterguard Audio Editing FAQ

Let’s unlock the transformative power of expert music editing in winterguard, where precision and artistry converge to elevate performances to captivating heights. In the realm of competitive winterguard, music serves as the soulful backdrop guiding performers through emotive movements and intricate choreography.

Good music editing in winterguard isn’t just about selecting tracks; it’s an art form that amplifies the emotional depth and narrative of each performance. Envision a flawless routine where every toss, spin, and formation flawlessly syncs with an expertly edited soundtrack. This synchronization between music and movement is where meticulous editing truly shines.

Expertly crafted music edits enhance the drama and intensity of winterguard performances, elevating the emotional impact of the routines. Whether it’s a powerful crescendo intensifying a dramatic moment or a delicate melody complementing graceful flag work, each edit is meticulously designed to resonate with the audience’s emotions.

Moreover, in competitive winterguard, the right music and precise editing can set a routine apart from the rest. A well-edited soundtrack not only captivates judges but also creates a memorable and immersive experience for spectators, leaving a lasting impression that extends far beyond the performance.

In today’s digital landscape, where winterguard performances are shared and admired online, investing in top-tier music editing is essential. A perfectly synchronized soundtrack enhances the visual appeal of performance videos, attracting engagement and viewership on social media platforms and beyond.

In essence, good music editing is the silent partner to the captivating artistry of winterguard routines. It’s the harmonious blend of music and movement that empowers performers to create emotionally resonant and visually stunning performances, captivating audiences and judges alike.

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I had an amazing experience working with Patrick at the beginning of our winterguard season. I felt lost and had no idea what audio to use for my winterguard show. He was quick to respond, had lots of ideas, and was very helpful throughout the entire process. I look forward to the remainder of this season, and future seasons with Patrick on my design team! -Brooklyn W.

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