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Our 11th Hour is a recording project that has been evolving for over a decade! The album is nearing completion and four tracks have been released as a preview! The full album is exactly one hour long and tells the story of one male, and one female character.  The rest is up to you to piece together, with plenty of clues and story elements throughout! Our 11th Hour is a project created by Patrick and Chris Blakley. What began as a stage show in 2008 has evolved into a concept album and record. The cumulative work comprises exactly one hour of music and can be broken down into equal 20-minute sections, reflecting on the story in stages, as well as equal 30-minute sections, reflecting on the protagonist and antagonist switching roles. The full album is 14 songs and will be released on 11/11 this year!


Our 11th Hour Album Of Halos and Hand Grenades 2022


Of Halos & Hand Grenades – Full album track list:


1. Prologue (Statistically Insignificant)

2. 11th Hour (Part I) – Vision

3. Break Through

4. Thoughts In Any Way

5. What I’m Here For

6. Falling For You

7. This One Isn’t Over

8. Point of Reference

9. Untitled Two

10. Postscript

The Grenadier’s Suite

11. Suite I – You Are Not Alone

12. Suite II – Victim of Myself

13. Suite III – 11th Hour (Part II) – Visionary


14. Epilogue (Best Laid Plans)


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You’ll know exactly what I was standing here for!


All parts written and performed by Our 11th Hour.
Our 11th Hour is Chris Blakley and Patrick Blakley.
With lyrical and other musical contributions from Josh DiGenova, Vin Assis, and Kylee Brielle.
Special thanks to Marty Furgal, Tom Riggall, Chad Northrup, and Ruby Leigh Ryan.
Recorded at Gearside Studio, Syracuse, New York.
Mastered by Jason “Jocko” Randall at More Sound Recording Studio, Syracuse, New York.

© 2008-2022 Our 11th Hour. All rights reserved.


The events in this album are fictional. If you or someone you know needs help, please seek it.
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: Dial 988
National Domestic Violence Hotline: (800) 799-7233


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