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Fully customized audio editing, music editing, and sound design for sports competitions!

Music Editing and Audio Editing Services for the Performing Arts

🔔 Patrick R. F. Blakley is CompetitiveMusic.com – Get competitive from count one in any performing arts activity! Incredible music editing and audio editing for cheerleading, competitive dance, gymnastics, figure skating, artistic swimming, winterguard, and so much more. Select your competitive music category below and start the process of customizing your show design and soundtrack editing. Each custom performance track is tailored to fit your circuit’s regulations while also creating an emotional connection with your audience and judges. Get your favorite music trimmed to length or compile multiple tracks to give your performance some musical direction!

Get competitive with CompetitiveMusic.com audio editing! Soundtracks are created and customized for you or your team’s unique needs and personalities by a performing arts professional with 30+ years of experience. I am a music judge with the NYSFBC and a member of the New York Federation of Contest Judges. I’m also a certified music judge for Winterguard International with experience in winterguard, percussion, and WGI winds as a sound designer and director. My music has been used by over 100 schools, dance groups, competitive teams, and universities in 29 states across the country, as well as in the UK and Brazil! As an award-winning music director and instructor, all of my groups have won multiple state championship titles. From dance studios to drum corps, I have a proven track record and extensive experience in crafting emotive soundtracks tailored to elevate your ensemble’s performance in any venue. My expertise ensures that your team is equipped with a compelling and competitive edge, delivering an impactful soundtrack to enhance your prowess in every performing arts activity.

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Competitive dance music and audio editing flyer

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Dance Audio & Music Editing

A well-crafted music edit is critically important for a competitive dance ensemble, as it serves as the backbone of your performance! Choose a song that reflects your personality and allows you to connect with your charm and emotions so that they shine through on the stage. Let’s work together to highlight the contrast in your song and give the performance a musical direction in an efficient way. The music edit will give structure to the routine and enhance the emotional resonance, allowing the dancers to convey their intended message and story to the audience and judges. In the competitive dance arena, a good music edit is more than just a technical necessity, it’s the key to setting the ensemble apart, captivating judges, and leaving a lasting impression on the audience!

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Cheerleading music edits flyer

Cheerleading Music Text

Cheerleading Audio & Music Editing

Competitive cheerleading is hugely popular, so you’ll need to set your group apart! The significance of a well-designed and inspiring music edit cannot be overstated, as it serves as the heartbeat of the team’s routine. A meticulous soundtrack is not merely a backdrop but a strategic tool that shapes the energy, pacing, and overall impact of the performance. It allows cheerleaders to synchronize their stunts, tumbling passes, and dynamic choreography seamlessly, creating a cohesive and powerful statement that is memorable for the judges. A good music edit also enhances the emotional connection between the team and the audience, elevating the entertainment value of the performance. In the fiercely competitive world of cheerleading, a thoughtfully edited music track is a vital component that can elevate a routine from technically proficient to a show-stopping spectacle, making a lasting impression on judges and spectators alike.

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Figure skating music editing flyer

Figure Skating Music Image

Figure Skating Audio & Music Editing

The first priority when choosing a competitive figure skating song is that it connects with your personality! Pick music you love to dance to and we’ll help take it to the next level by creating a presentation with contrast and direction. Your performance on the ice has a limited time, so let’s build an efficient soundtrack that highlights your passion for skating and connects your production with the audience and judges through musical depth. The right music edit can capture the essence of your style and convey the emotions you aim to evoke. In figure skating, music is the heartbeat of the performance, shaping the skater’s narrative, enhancing their artistry, and elevating their technical execution. A well-edited audio piece can transform a routine into a mesmerizing and unforgettable spectacle, leaving a lasting impression on everyone in attendance!

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Customized gymnastics music editing flyer

Gymnastics Music Image

Gymnastics Audio & Music Editing

Choosing the right gymnastics floor routine music is important for your performance. It can significantly impact the overall quality and effectiveness of your routine! The right music selection will highlight the performer’s personality and character which gives each performance an element of charm and personal identity. Your music serves as the backdrop to your movements, enhancing the emotional connection between the audience, and judges. Let’s take your favorite music and set the right tone and contrast for the routine and give it an overall direction with musical depth. This will further complement your style and convey the desired emotions and message. It will also help with pacing and flow. Good gymnastics music edits will elevate a routine from a series of physical maneuvers to a captivating, emotionally resonant performance, leaving a lasting impression on the spectators and judges!

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Artistic swimming audio editing flyer

Artistic Swimming Audio & Music Editing

Artistic swimming, or synchronized swimming, is a very carefully crafted activity, so you want a music edit that functions as an invisible conductor orchestrating the precision of the routine while enhancing the entertainment value at the same time! Beneath the surface, this thoughtfully edited soundtrack serves as the cohesive thread that enhances the expressive elements and thematic coherence of the performance. Given the meticulous nature of artistic swimming, the music edit ensures impeccable timing, unifying each swimmer’s movements together. In the competitive realm of synchronized swimming, a well-executed music edit is not just a technical requirement but the artistic linchpin that transforms a routine into a captivating aquatic display, making a lasting impression on judges and captivating the audience with its fusion of movement and melody.

Winterguard Audio Edits Flyer

Winterguard Music Image

Winterguard Audio & Music Editing

Choosing the perfect music for a winterguard performance is an important decision that will be the foundation of the entire season! In winterguard, music plays a multifaceted role as the emotional and creative core that bridges the gap between the performers, the audience, and the adjudicators. It sets the tone for the show, dictating the overarching theme and storyline, and serves as a platform upon which choreography and flag work are intricately built. A good music edit will take these elements into consideration and join them on the floor seamlessly!

The significance of music in winterguard extends beyond its thematic implications. It also influences the very mechanics of the performance. The music’s tempo, rhythm, and cues frame the precise synchronization of movements, flag tosses, and rifle work. Let’s work together throughout the season to develop these elements as the show progresses throughout the winter. Your music edit will create depth and contrast to highlight an emotionally evocative journey, with direction, that leaves a lasting impression on the judges and audience alike!

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Copyright Note

If you’re using music for a competitive show you must obtain copyright permission for all music and samples you wish to perform publicly (that are not already public domain). Contact me for details.

Performing Arts Audio Editing FAQ

Good performing arts audio editing serves as a cornerstone for delivering exceptional and impactful artistic presentations across a spectrum of creative platforms. Whether it’s a live theatrical performance, a dance recital, a multimedia production, or any other form of artistic expression, the role of sound design and editing in enhancing the audience’s experience cannot be overstated.

The meticulous craft of soundtrack editing encompasses a range of techniques, each essential in its own right. Sound mixing, for instance, allows for the seamless blending of different audio elements, ensuring a balanced and harmonious auditory experience. Through adept mixing, sound engineers and artists can highlight specific instruments, vocals, or effects, adding depth and dimension to the overall composition. This nuanced control over the auditory landscape enables performers to evoke emotions, set the tone, and amplify the impact of their artistic endeavors.

Moreover, during the editing or revision process, precise tempo adjustments and rhythmic modifications play a pivotal role in synchronizing the music with the visual elements of a performance. Whether it’s choreographed dance movements, stage cues in a play, or transitions in a multimedia production, the synergy between music and visuals creates a captivating and immersive experience.

Furthermore, the artistry behind seamless transitions cannot be overlooked. Smooth transitions between tracks or segments within a performance ensure a continuous flow, preventing disruptions that could otherwise detract from the audience’s engagement. These transitions are akin to the invisible threads stitching together the different facets of a performance, maintaining a cohesive narrative and rhythm.

Ultimately, the significance of good performing arts audio editing lies in its ability to elevate the overall production value while deeply engaging the audience on an emotional level. Beyond technical excellence, it facilitates the conveyance of intended moods, themes, and narratives, fostering a profound connection between performers and spectators. A well-edited musical backdrop not only enhances the audience’s enjoyment but also leaves a lasting impression, underscoring the importance of meticulous attention to detail in the realm of performing arts.

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I had an amazing experience working with Patrick at the beginning of our winterguard season. I felt lost and had no idea what audio to use for my winterguard show. He was quick to respond, had lots of ideas, and was very helpful throughout the entire process. I look forward to the remainder of this season, and future seasons with Patrick on my design team! -Brooklyn W.

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