Megaphone App

Posted by on Mar 18, 2016 in Instruction, Rehearsal | Comments Off on Megaphone App

Alright, before you make fun of this article for being about an app with a blurry logo image and a ton of one-star reviews, hear me out. This app is actually pretty cool, and with a bit of know-how can be very useful (especially if you’ve read the last few articles about using your smartphone as a metronome and then hooking it up wirelessly to the Long Ranger. This article is going to piggyback on both of them and show you how to speak into your phone and broadcast it through the Long Ranger via Bluetooth. There are some issues with the app, but it has a lot of potential, and I imagine...

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Wireless Long Ranger Metronome

Posted by on Mar 16, 2016 in Instruction, Rehearsal | Comments Off on Wireless Long Ranger Metronome

Do yourself a favor by welcoming technology into the logistics of your marching ensemble! Think of how many things you carry around from warmup area, to rehearsal spot, to show warmup site, and beyond. Wouldn’t it be easier to just leave the metronome and fifty feet of instrument cable behind? Let me answer that for you: Yes! With Bluetooth technology it is entirely possible and incredibly easy! Take a look at The Bluetooth Audio Receiver by Proxelle on This handy little tool turns any audio output device into a receiver for a Bluetooth signal. What that means is that you...

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