Diddles App!

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Drumline App For iOS iPhones, iPods, and iPads For marching snare, tenor, and bass drummers you’re missing out if you don’t already have this app! This is more than just a metronome app for your phone, this is a fully immersive training program. Get more involved in your warmup routine and maximize your practice time. Pull out your iPad and let this app guide you! The best part about this app is that it has several options to target the exact area you’re interested in working. Much like a workout routine, you can single out specific rudiment styles or exercise...

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Top 3 Metronome Apps!

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There’s TONS of metronome apps on the market right now, but rather than sift through all of them I’ll give you the skinny on the best ones. Not one app is going to be perfect for everyone so the list includes the best overall metronome apps spanning all platforms. This is a bit of a review article, but mostly it will just be concerning specs, options, and performance. Only the best three apps will be analyzed because when you get into the thick of the metronome app market they become pretty general and equivalent. You should consider downloading all three of these apps and seeing...

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“Waldos” Drum Rudiment

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I know there are a million different snare drum rudiments out there, with 40 fundamental ones and who knows how many hybrids. But this is a fun and creative rudiment that hides grace-notes within an open roll in a clever way. Most hybrid rudiments are a combination of several basic rudiments, but Waldos are a combination of only a few – which makes it easier to learn, though definitely hard to master. The last diddle of the left hand in the measure is actually a triple stroke, in the same vein as an egg-beater. This take a lot of control with the left hand to play clean. Once you have...

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