Drummond: A Young Adult Novel


Drummond: A novel by Patrick R. F. Blakley


Drummond is a novel by Patrick R. F. Blakley that’s a much more in depth and developed version of the Drummy story. Drummy Drum Joins Marchy Band is the preceding children’s book, audio book, and activity book. Drummond is a similar story, based on the same events, but is written for an older audience. The events of the book center around the main character, Drummond, who is convinced to try marching band and gets hooked! If you know a young adult, or are young at heart, you will enjoy this story – even if you’re not a marching band expert.

For those of you who are marching band experts, you will hopefully relate to this story with your similar background! You certainly have friends and relationships in your past that reflect characters in this book, so reminisce with Drummond and revisit your introduction to the activity!




A novel by Patrick R. F. Blakley


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Drummond is 306 pages and plays with the overarching theme of learning how to be yourself, then to believe in yourself. The story is enjoyable for all ages.


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