The Patrick R. F. Blakley Private Gin Collection

Patrick R. F. Blakley’s Private 134 Bottle Gin Collection

This gin collection is one of the biggest private collections in New York State!

“A perfect martini should be made by filling a glass with gin then waving it in the general direction of Italy.” – Noël Coward

VL92 Gin from the Patrick R. F. Blakley private collection

This private gin collection is comprised of 118 brands and 134 bottles hand-picked from across the world (all 6 populated continents). 20 different countries and 78 cities are represented worldwide, with 14 states within the US included. Botanicals from each inhabited continent also appear within the selection’s gins. This collection is hosted in New York State, so 15 bottles from 13 counties were chosen as part of the Buy Local campaign from I Love New York. The closest gin distillery is about 10 miles away while the most distant is over 10,000 miles from Syracuse. Contact me for a complete personal ranking of this gin collection (based only on my personal preference)! Click the PDF link below to download my personal tasting notes book and read all the information about each of the gins in one of the largest private gin collections in the state!

Check out the private gin collection here!

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If you’re interested in learning more about this private collection you can purchase the tasting notes in a linen-wrap hardcover format online! Feel free to also contact me for recommendations or even a private tasting of your own!

The Patrick R. F. Blakley Private Gin Collection Tasting Notes Hardcover

Gin book documenting the tasting notes for the Patrick R. F. Blakley private collection