100 Songs (Hear with Fresh Ears)

Posted by on Apr 11, 2016 in General Music | Comments Off on 100 Songs (Hear with Fresh Ears)

There are a lot of great ways to listen to music, but have you ever listened to a song so many times that it loses its spark? Or have you ever felt like a song has just gotten dusty and less interesting over time? That doesn’t mean it isn’t good, it just means that you need to find a new way to listen to it! Here is a small solution to hear your all time favorite songs with fresh ears.

First, make a playlist of exactly 100 songs. If you do this with friends you could make it in iTunes (or whatever program you use to burn CDs or share music), and if you want to do this online use Spotify or something similar. The catch is that there has to be no more than 100 songs, and no less. If you have gigabytes of music then this is eve better, because it forces you to choose the best 100 songs and makes you really think about which songs are the best. Song duration doesn’t really matter, but if you’re trying to burn a CD you’ll have to take that into consideration. Once you’ve created your 100 song playlist you can go ahead and burn that CD or copy the share URL.

Now comes the fun part. If you’re doing this with some friends you should have a get together and give each person one of your CDs (burn one for each person). They will also give you a CD each, which means you’re going to have one CD from each person there. Make sure everyone wrote their name on the disc so you all know where the CD came from.

From there you should go home and pop in one CD at a time. If you’re doing this digitally you can skip to this step immediately and get started. You don’t have to listen through every song completely, but make sure you hit up each track, at least for a bit. This should let you broaden your musical horizons and learn some new music you might love, so give them all a chance! As you listen to the songs make sure to note the ones you really like, or even any that match what you put on your CD or playlist.

Here’s the best part! Your friends will all be listening to your chosen songs and telling you which they like best and you’ll have introduced them to some great new music. Now, when you go back to listen to your 100 song playlist you can listen to the songs from your friends’ perspective which gives the song new life and gives you fresh ears! It feels similar to listening to the song for the first time again, which is a fun experience.

If you created a playlist on Spotify you can copy the Playlist Link (right click the playlist title) and paste it in the comments below. Then, if you listen to someone else’s feel free to comment on this page too! If anyone wants to do this I’ve created an example playlist on the right that you can check out. These are my favorite 100 songs as of writing this and if you check them out let me know! Share your playlist and I’ll check out all of your favorite songs too!

These songs can change over time too. Update your playlist every so often to see which songs are truly the best and which ones are just fads that got in your ear for a little while.

So go ahead, make some playlists, burn some CDs, share with your friends, or just share here! Change the way you listen to your favorite songs, at least for a little bit. You might be surprised at how well this work, and how much fun it can actually be!