Wonderland – Show Design

This concept is based on Alice in Wonderland and starts fairly simply but gets real strange throughout the show. The deeper the audience travels down the rabbit hole the more odd things become. There will be a main character dressed as Alice and she interacts with the other members who make her world more and more weird by use of costumes, flags, choreography, and props. Halfway through the performance we understand that Alice wants to leave, but she’s already very lost. The end of the production shows Alice’s struggle to get out and eventual failure as Wonderland consumes her. The ending will show the Alice character fallen as the other performers surround her (to the point where you can no longer see Alice). Alice’s costume has tear aways so that she can quickly change to an odd outfit, like the other characters, without the audience seeing (her ‘Alice’ outfit would be hidden under parts of the new costume). With something over everyone’s face as they depart the mass of people we see that Alice has completely disappeared.


Audio: Alice and Lost by Pogo

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