Thoughtless Words

Thoughtless Words – Show Design

This show is based a lot on the lyrics of the song Foolish Games by Jewel. The lyrics do a great job of painting the picture of the story, so the choreography and characterization should reflect that. Props should be the walls of a room, one with a window and one with a door at least. This production should have both male and female leads. The show starts with the male and female characters standing in front of the door and window props respectively (the props are in the middle of the floor and angled so the performers can go on the other side of them without being obstructed. Both characters mirror each other, so when the male takes his coat off and stands outside the door, the female goes to the other side of the window prop as well. When the characters come back inside they should do work in place while hidden members pull the props back toward the edge of the floor. We don’t need to focus on these two characters the entire show, but they can appear throughout to represent the lyrics at important moments. There are several lyrically based events that can highlight the story and show off the ability of the guard at the same time, for example for the lyrics “Down on my knees” can be a unison ensemble toss (with all equipment) where performers toss, go down on their knees, get back up, and then catch. Elements like this can be densely packed into this production. The end of the show should remove all performers except the male and female leads. The female is down on the floor while the male slowly leaves through the door he came in. The female lead is left all alone.


Audio: Foolish Games by Jewel

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