The Amory Wars

The Amory Wars – Show Design

This concept is based on a concept written by Claudio Sanchez for his albums with slight differences to fit the style of percussive theater. The floor consists of two sides, the Writer’s office and the Writer’s story world. The Writer is a character that begins writing his story at his desk in the office side and the story takes life in the story’s side. Every performer on the floor is a different character in the story. Soon the writer begins to go crazy and the story consumes him and pulls him into the story world. All of the featured sections of the show will take place around the writer who is the main character, and who is basically in control of the story, whether he knows it or not. By the end the Writer gains control and escapes his story and puts an end to it by killing all the characters in it. When he closes his book everyone falls to the floor as he sighs relief and sits back into his chair.


Audio: In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3 and The Final Cut by Coheed & Cambria

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