Matrix Gate

Matrix Gate – Show Design

This concept is all about transition. Everything on the floor transforms from light to dark. This will require several clever props and uniforms as well as drum slips and pit instrument covers – all of which need to be white and removeable in a hurry to reveal the black underneath. Even the drum heads will change from white to black, which will potentially change the sound, which can be a desired effect if done correctly. Some sections can change entirely at the same time, maybe during their featured phrase, and other sections can transform intermittently throughout the show. The last thing to change will be the floor, and to do this the pit will hit their last note and grab the fabric and basically fly over the floor with it. The drumline will hit their last note and simply fall onto their backs as stiff as they can, and the pit will fly over their bodies. To catch the drumline’s fall will be pads in the back of their uniforms, including their heads, the black masks they wear will have a pad in the back, which can also help the eerie look of their costumes (this also means the snareline’s bottom heads need to be black as well).


Audio: Matrix Gate by Planet X

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