Lost Toys

Lost Toys – Show Design

This concept starts with a dirty floor and a prop that looks like a giant cardboard box that tipped over with “Dillan’s Toys” written on the side (sideways, as if the top of the box landed on its side). The performers will be dressed as toys but they will be very very dirty and torn up and ruined beyond repair. Most of the performers will begin behind or inside the box but some of them will start the show lying on the floor sprawled out as if they had fallen out of the box. The music begins and the toys start to animate and look around and at themselves. Some toys limp with stuffing coming out of their limbs (this would be a perfect show to have a pit member with any sort of prosthetic to show them carrying their limb while performing). The show moves forward in some predictable directions, being that they’re toys, but the end will be the strongest moment. As the music begins to close the performers find themselves returning to the box and the ones who began sprawled on the floor return there. The show ends right where it began to show that the life of these discarded toys had so much potential, but instead they are doomed to rot in the abandonment of wherever the box had landed. The audience should understand that nothing in the show actually happened and perhaps it was only in the mind of the toys waiting to deteriorate.


Audio: Telescopes by The Ghost Orchid

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