Hypnosis – Show Design

This show starts with all the members, including most of the pit, in a company front facing the audience fairly close up (behind the pit instruments). This show also works for winterguard and would start the same way. As the countdown begins the members begin some in place choreography usually depicting the number on their fingers lifted and show to the audience. As the hypnosis begins to sink in the choreography gradually becomes less in unison and different performers begin to do different things, some even leave the company front (such as pit members coming forward, or other performers leaving the line a bit in a different direction). Pit members that stay in the pit can use bows on the vibes as the hypnosis builds. If possible, the floor should have some imagery printed onto it, but should be fairly blurry. Throughout the show weird things will happen that try to emulate glitches visually, for example a performer gets stuck in their position and freezes as the rest of the line moves without them – this can literally happen several times to become more effective. Music ‘glitches’ can occur too, like stopping harshly and skipping back and restarting back a bit. This concept can be a lot of fun to play around with and will definitely be fun to perform and instruct as well as for the audience to view.


Audio: Hypnosis Theme by Wax Tailor

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