Diffidentia – Show Design

This production would take place in the middle of a given show. The entire song could be arranged for a field group, but the interesting part happens at the end. The entire marching ensemble would be positioned in a large grid across the entire field facing back while a single brass soloist faces front around the front hashmark. The pit would begin playing the piano notes while another pit member begins lightly on the ride cymbal. As the soloist plays other member of the hornline turn and march forward to join him, creating a growing arc of horn players. We’ll also begin adding pit members to the part and start to double the ride cymbal part as well. The horn players facing back field will do some slight body work while they begin to dwindle in numbers. Eventually you’ll have a bigger and bigger arc of horn players while it slowly crescendos (until the entire group is in the concert arc behind the pit) and the pit will eventually all be playing the mallets with their left hands and the ride cymbal part with their right hands. After the climax the members dissipate and scatter away from the center where the single horn soloist remains to play the final notes.


Audio: Diffidentia by Pain of Salvation

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