Day Eight

Day Eight – Show Design

This section would occur after a percussion feature to set up the winds for their re-entrance. The winds would be facing back field for the stabbed notes until the melody comes back in (while the drumline gets itself back behind the winds). The winds can be separated into highs and lows for one of the final verses (maybe even park and blow) while they do call and response. Cut to a soloist standing fairly close to the front while the rest of the group scatters and sprints across the field to form a company front. The line will form by members getting to their dots at random points in time, so that the line builds from the scatter. The drumline should be mixed in the single line as well. The final loud chorus will be slow push forward by the company front and the soloist will stand at parade rest looking up at the audience.


Audio: Day Eight: School by Ayreon

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