Brain Fingerprinting

Brain Fingerprinting – Show Design

This concept is all about brain connections and neural pathways. The beginning of the show should have some sort of narration to use as exposition in order to help the audience understand what Brain Fingerprinting is. Brain fingerprinting actually is a technique used to find out if a suspect is guitly of a crime, so this show can be a little dark. This means that we could introduce a main character and go inside his brain. Everything the audience sees is actually going on inside that character’s brain and in fact, all of the performers can be thought of as individual electrical signals making connections through the brain fingerprinting procedure. The floor should be dark with sort of neural tissue lighted up in a blue, and the uniforms should be similar with more lights but still has darks as well. This can definitely be a more futuristic show theme.


Audio: Brain Fingerprinting by Blotted Science

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