Blank Canvas

Blank Canvas – Show Design

This beginning elements of this show design are entirely white. The uniforms are solid white (probably with some interesting subtle textures), the floor is white, the drums and heads are white, props are all white, and coverings for the mallets are white as well. The drumline, props, and even some mallet instruments are set up along the perimeter of the floor as a sort of frame around the blank floor. As the show begins some members move onto the floor at random, and eventually everyone is on the floor performing. As the performance moves along some colors are brought into focus such as fabric on the props and floor as well as on the uniforms themselves. Throughout the show different colors are added in and in several different ways. Toward the end of the show there are a few directions the concept can go: one, the colors begin to be removed and let the white come back everywhere as the performers all end along the perimeter of the floor (like the beginning) to show that the blank canvas has so much potential but nothing was actually ‘painted’ on the ‘canvas’. The second option would be that the colors remain on the floor and uniforms as the performers return to the perimeter of the floor to highlight the blank canvas’ potential as being achieved and framing it. Both of these options are powerful and you’ll have to choose which ending you prefer for your show!


Audio: Where We’re Calling From by Doves

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