Birth of the Universe

Birth of the Universe – Show Design

This show can be for either winterguard or percussive theater groups. The percussive theater version of the show would rely heavily on sung vocals while playing and would require head-mounted microphones. This version of the show would also be very minimal in the drumline area, very soft dynamics and a lot of body work between playing. It would also require all of the battery members to be able to play mallets in the pit, as the show will have a massive front ensemble! The percussive theater show would also be a decent show for the WGI Winds class, because there are horn parts that would be much better if played authentically rather than transcribed for mallets. Both the winterguard and percussive theater shows revolve around the idea of watching the universe being born from afar. Time jumps around a lot and we see the birth of the Milky Way solar system as well as the birth of our Sun and eventually Earth. As the melody transitions to the second passage of the song we imagine the first elements of life on Earth. Then the horn section would be celebrating human life on Earth. The horns quickly go away and again time jumps forward as life dwindles on our planet and turns to a cold dead rock once more. The show goes beyond humans and continues past their life cycle as quickly as it appears. After the show is over we reflect back on the short horn section and realize how truly insignificant humans are in the grand scale of the universe! The show is entitled Birth of the Universe because even after Earth and humans are gone we’re still very much at the beginning of the universe’s life!


Audio: Sé lest by Sigur Rós

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