Audio Editing

Music edits can be made for Winterguard and dance ensemble groups to fit the regulations of the competition (min/max duration). Editing pulls out redundant elements of mastered audio tracks to seamlessly shorten lengthy songs. Editing can also be used to elongate shorter audio tracks by expanding the important sections or phrases. Lastly, completed shows can benefit from editing by using it to highlight key phrases and emphasizing the choreography. This polishing can be done simply by panning certain effects or, more thoroughly, by using filters. Compiling takes multiple mastered audio tracks and couples them seamlessly together. This is more challenging than editing because of the varied tempos and key signatures as well as the styles of each song. This always works best with similar genres of music. Contact me to get started!

Patrick’s work can be heard across New York State as well as nationally in field circuits and WGI. You can hear several of Patrick’s audio edits annually at the Dayton, Ohio WGI World Championship by groups that include Scholastic World and Independent World guard finalists.

If you are using audio for a competitive show you must obtain copyright permission for all music (that is not Public Domain) you wish to have editted. Contact me for details.

Let’s edit your audio! Check out the show design page!

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